Saturday, September 03, 2011

Can I apologize in advance for how random and miscellaneous this post is going to be?

1. Something in my fridge stinks. For the past few days I've been holding my breath when I open the door. Rather than, you know, cleaning out the fridge.

2. Every now and then I'm still surprised to realize I am the grown-up here. If I don't clean out the stinky fridge, nobody else is gonna.

3. Emmy was up every hour last night until three a.m., and the boys came in to my room (to settle a dispute - they had already been up playing for a long time) at 6:30. What's most noteworthy about this is how UN-noteworthy it is. I really think it's been so long since I slept from evening until the next morning that my body has just adapted. I've just forgotten what it feels like to be rested.

4. Also, Emmy was up every hour last night until three a.m. Because she has the crud, complete with a crusty little nose and an ear infection. Again, what is most noteworthy is how UN-frazzled I've been by a constantly needy baby and two busy boys. Since when did a sick child become so ordinary? How is it that I am less stressed in this moment, with a baby I can't put down and two other children and a house on the market and, and, and ... than I was when Asher was a baby, living in the apartment? He was my only responsibility, and yet I remember it being such a BIG DEAL when he was sick. Also, he was the easiest baby ever. What was I so stressed about back then?

5. Anyone else do consignment sales? I really hate selling things in them, but I did it this year anyway. Three times in a row this past week my plans to finish tagging and drop off my stuff have been thwarted, so that this afternoon I had thirty minutes left before they closed, and the consignment place is twenty minutes away. I had too much stuff to lug both a baby and my things in, and I had - you guessed it - a baby with a crusty nose who wanted to be held and nursed (who also now has a sound that means "nurse" - how cool is that?) Anyway, Brian came to the rescue. He missed the last quarter of the football game to go drop off my stuff for me. There is a special place in Heaven for men who miss the end of the game to venture in to the world of children's consignment sales on their only day off. Double gold stars for him.

And now that I've emptied my head out onto the big wide internet (um, there's a statement that should give me pause, and maybe if more than 15 people read this blog it would), I'm going to bed. My whole little brood is TIRED, friends. Not a peep from anyone at bedtime tonight. Maybe they'll even sleep until dawn.

Probably not.

Good night.


Kendra said...

I do consignment sales. I hate it, but I know it's productive, and I usually force myself to do productive things.

My goal has been to always make as much (at least) as I spend. At the Spring Sale I made more than I spent - glory =)

Sorry about the lack of sleep...brutal.

And I hear you on your first being sick and it being critical. My poor ped heard from me RELENTLESSLY when Luke and Abbey got so much as a sniffle last winter. Granted, Abbey did end up fairly sick at one point, but even before that and after I panicked. I guess with round 3 you have lived through it and so you know it will pass...=)

Lisa said...

I have done consignment sales, but I am starting to think that it's more productive for me to just drop all the stuff off at the nearest donation center and use the consignment sales only for shopping purposes. They are SO MUCH WORK.

They say one is harder than three. I guess you are in the midst of discovering that truth. One is an adjustment from taking care of me, myself and I to being the entire universe to a tiny, needy human. By the time you get to three, you have forgotten that me, myself and I ever needed that much attention in the first place.