Thursday, September 08, 2011


Even though she has positively REPENTED of sleep the past week, I just can't get enough of my baby girl.

Eight months old already - am I going to remember this time? How she loved to ride in the sling when we were out, how she will leeeaaann all the way away from me, head upside down, to blow raspberries at her brother or click in recognition of her dad? Am I going to remember the little "nnnnn" sound she makes to ask to nurse? I hope so.

Part of me would love (love love) to just shoo the next few months along, the way I prod my kids out the back door on a pretty morning. We're almost to a year! After a year, life gets so much easier! But in the same breath I think, this is the only year we will spend this way - on my hip, snuggled close in the quiet of the middle of the night, every tiny thing so new and exciting - and it's almost over.

So in honor of eight months, here are a few pictures of my little Emmy.

Love this picture. She loves that rubber dinosaur. It's her favorite chew toy.

But Spiderman works pretty well, too.

Or a plastic Nurf bullet. You know, whatever.

She's the happiest little baby. Life after the first year gets much easier, but honestly? This isn't so bad, either.

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ljkgates said...

Our sweet, precious, Emmy Ruth! I can't believe she is 8 months already! Time needs to slow down just a bit. They are all growing up too fast! Kisses and hugs to my babies.