Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've been working on another post for a few days. One day soon I will be able to sit still long enough to actually give word to thought. Today is not that day.

In the meantime -

* We realized last night that our refrigerator has been hanging out at a balmy 65* for a few days. Nice and tepid. Yikes. Tonight I am so so thankful to have avoided poisoning my family with not-quite-cool-enough lunch meat or milk or, have mercy, mayonnaise. That's one way to clean out the fridge. Also thankful that Brian is the kind of guy who will google "refrigerator not cooling" until he finds the solution, and fixes it himself. Oh and hey, if you ever start to think maybe you're not such a slob after all, you should look under your refrigerator sometime.

* I think I can reasonably say that I now have only one baby in diapers again. The "two in diapers" thing has never been that big of a deal to me, but still. I'm proud of Silas for getting the hang of using the potty. But if he is standing in your front yard and drops his drawers, don't say I didn't warn you. That's just the way that goes, for now.

* Emmy is getting to be so much fun. So playful and cuddly and curious. There is something sweet about tiny babies, to be sure, and I enjoyed Emmy's tiny baby stage more than the other two. But really, the more they can interact with you, the more fun babies are.

* You know, I wept and gnashed my teeth through Asher's third year (because dude three-years-old is HARD), but I just haven't felt that way about Silas turning three. So far, I actually love that Silas is three. He's in that stage where he says funny things all day long (an example: after two helpings of watermelon and a cup of apple juice, he told me tonight that his tummy was getting a headache), he and his brother play pretty well together now that they can have conversations and have similar play schemes, and he is finally getting old enough for me to reason with him. When reasoning doesn't work, he is at least old enough to appreciate the value of a good bribe. I even had a pleasant experience in the grocery store this morning, thanks to the allure of a bakery cookie at the end of our outing. There are some definite advantages to being three.

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Lisa said...

I feel so behind. I haven't read blogs (or blogged) in weeks and so much is HAPPENING. Congrats on the impending move, the growing baby, the potty training, the birthday, etc!