Saturday, July 23, 2011

I am coming out of the baby fog. In my life, I give a year each time to pregnancy and early babyhood. In some ways I'm totally shocked that Silas is three, because I feel as though I missed the fun of him being two. Did I even notice the little things he did or liked or said at two? I'm not sure. It's also shocking because I feel like, wait, isn't Asher three? No, that was a year ago. Asher's four now. Like I said, I missed a year.

But now I'm coming back around. For posterity's sake, and because I am beginning to accept that we won't live in this house forever (as an aside - I love my life here, and it goes without saying that we have many many people we love here, that we are sad to leave. But the actual location - the idea of leaving this town - doesn't make me especially sad. However. The idea of leaving my house is very sad. I've raised babies here, you know? It has been our home, after several years of looking for one) - the point is, for all of the reasons I just listed, I've been trying to take more pictures of daily life.

Want to see them?

This is us, hanging out around the house, and playing in the beloved toddler pool I have mentioned so often here. Please take note of the elephant water fountain and slide. This is not your mama's toddler pool. Also, the picture of Silas' head lopped off is still my favorite water picture, because that's totally what it's like to try to take pictures of little kids swimming. It's way too fun to stop and pose for a picture.


Mrs. Shehane said...

Welcome back!

Love the photos.

Mrs. Shehane said...

For the record, I don't know how to change my blogger idenity -- our class at school has a blogger account, so that's why I'm Mrs. Shehane