Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 a.m. The baby is finished eating and back to sleep, the boys aren't awake yet. The house is quiet.

This is my favorite time of day.

She was born two weeks ago yesterday, and essentially I had two weeks of maternity leave. It ended yesterday evening, when Brian went back to work. Mikkee is here through the long weekend, so I'm not quite on my own yet. But my time to sit on the couch and just stare at her while the world goes on without me - well, that time ended Friday. I'm pretty sad to see it go.

So - the three questions everyone asks are, "How's the baby?" "How're the boys?" "How are YOU?"

Great. Meh. and Good.

So far, Emmy is a very calm baby. We have not yet had one of those "Why are you crying?!" moments. Neither have I had a "Baby for the love of all that is holy go to SLEEP!" moment, but it's still early. She loves the swaddler, eats like a champ, and is back up to her birthweight. If she is on me, or in the swing, she is very content. But God forbid you relegate her to the hateful car seat. She will scream her protest every single minute she is there. Otherwise, though, Emmy is good.

If I tell you the baby is the easiest part of this equation, will you be surprised?

Silas and Asher - depend on when you ask. Asher had a harder time in the beginning. The boy loves his routine, and he was completely thrown out of it without any warning. After about a week of normal life - preschool and playgroup and whatnot - he settled down a bit. Silas misses me. Anytime anybody does anything with him, he declares his protest. "I don't want you, I want my MAMA." And honestly? I miss him, too. I can't pick him up right now, and even though he is a very sturdy sort of two-year-old, I miss carrying him around. Yesterday Mikkee took Silas to Build-a-Bear; Silas named his bear Mama. Me too, Silas.

And I'm doing well. I'm getting enough sleep to function, and since that's about all that I got when I was pregnant, anyway, sleep hasn't been that much of an issue (yet). Surgery recovery has been super easy, thankfully. And while I'm a little overwhelmed with the idea of running the show around here on my own, so far, so good.

I hear little foot steps. Back to the grind.

Good morning world.


Kendra said...

Both boys asleep at 6am? Victory indeed.

Good for you for just sitting and staring at your newborn, and LETTING the world go on around you. I guess a 3rd baby well help you do that =).

I have been wondering how the boys are doing, Silas in particular. I'll keep praying =)

Susan Shehane said...

Don't forget the tree story.

Your dad will be around to help this week... Asher and I will be in school.

Please call so we can get the details worked out.

I'm just dying to see everybody -- working through this cold quickly so that I can. Love you -- I love the story about Silas naming his build-a-bear Mama.