Monday, January 17, 2011

(thank you again Jamie for taking the time to take pictures of our sweet baby. She has already changed since these were taken. It goes fast, doesn't it?))

UPDATED with a bonus link:

THIS is the best blog post I have read in a really long time. I love the honesty and conversational tone - the undiluted lack of pretense, which is incredibly hard to find in the blogging world - as much as the advice. Really. If you have a minute, follow the link. You'll be glad you did.


ljkgates said...

So sweet! Please post all of them!

Valerie said...

Seriously. How cute is that baby?

(Answer: SO cute.)

Kendra said...

Oh my goodness.

She is insanely beautiful.

And Stephanie, I mean insanely.

I say that because I had a truly insane moment when I saw this beautiful photo of your beautiful daughter. For the first time in 9 1/2 months, I had a moment of Baby Fever.

I am going to need you to start writing posts about how exhausted you are, how much she cries, and how hard it is....STAT please.

aubrey said...

Oh my Stephanie... she is UNREAL!!!! SHe is stunnigly beautiful! I can't get over how much she looks like you!