Wednesday, January 19, 2011

week 3

If you walked into my living room this evening, this is what you would see:

We're neck deep in it over here, and life is better than I would have expected. I cried Uncle and asked my mother-in-law to help while Brian was out of town this weekend. Even with Mikkee here I was a little overwhelmed, so she took one boy one night, the other the next. I thought it would be a treat for the boy who got to spend the night with Grandma, but honestly, I think the boy left at home was the most excited. Both of them so enjoyed having even my partial attention for eighteen hours or so. Tuesday morning I fed Emmy while Asher stood in front of me and talked for an hour and a half. No toys in hand, no pretense of any other activity - he just talked. Taking full advantage of a captive audience, I suppose. It was ... endearing.

Also? If you're going to have a baby, you're going to need a new series in which you can immerse your brain for a few months. With Asher, we watched (for the first time) large chunks of the West Wing. A friend of mine read the entire Harry Potter series while feeding a newborn. This time around, Brian and I have discovered Lost. Let's be honest - it's not that good. It's not terribly well-written, and the rumor is that I'm going to hate the ending. But it's a documentary on human nature. The underlying question is - fifty strangers are stranded indefinitely on a (mostly) deserted island. How would they act? What would they fight over, how would allegiances form? It's a lesson in social psychology, and that's the part that has me sucked in. It's fascinating. A little unnerving, but mostly fascinating.

What else ... I'm cutting dairy out of my diet, to see if has been effecting Emmy. She's a very easy baby, as long as you don't ever put her down. Which is fine, in theory, but occasionally I need to, you know, get off the couch. My doctor mentioned dropping dairy from my diet to see if she settles down, and she did, almost instantly. Within a few hours she took a nap in her swing, which is the first time she has slept away from me in at least a week. I'm sad to give it up - I really love plain old full-fat all-natural vanilla yogurt - but milk is a small price to pay for sanity. And if sanity is for sale, well, I'm buying.


Madame Rubies said...

I am cutting back on the amount of gluten in Haydn's diet. Milk is next.

She is adorable. She looks like both of you!

Cindy said...

Love the pictures! We had a totally different Lost experience and loved how the writing wove in science fiction and mythology literature, but maybe that appreciation was fueled by the columns that we read at the time. Not sure how it would be viewed now in light of other things on television over the last 6-7 years.

Kendra said...

I love that story about Asher just talking to you. Endearing indeed! Priceless!!

David and I got into Lost when it first came on, and although I totally agree that it wasn't great writing, we were hooked! We gave up somewhere in the middle of Season 3 I think??? When the twins were born I got into Parenthood. I love it!

Abbey was sooooooo fussy in the early weeks & I kept asking my doc and the lactation consultants if I should cut dairy, but upon my description of what was happening, it was never recommended for me (and I was relieved not to have to give up dairy!) and sure enough, she just kind of "outgrew" her fussiness. But how wonderful to have such a solution available to you to! Even if you have to give up yogurt for awhile =)

Danielle said...

Endearing, huh? Is that what you call it? I call it frustrating! I feel guilty even thinking that way about his ever-expanding little mind, but a mother needs a break from the constant chatter from time to time!

Lisa said...

I'm glad to have someone with whom to commiserate during these milk-free times! I hope it "works" for both of us.

Susan Shehane said...

I love the picture of Asher looking down at his sister.... I swear he has the same expression you did when you were holding your baby doll at age two -- just total adoration. As for Silas -- how DID you keep him still long enough for the picture?!!!!

PS Baby is beautiful. She looks just like you. -- But with my hair.