Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love wooden toys.

And toys that encourage pretend play. Books with real pictures, or at least real illustrations. Puzzles with chunky handles. Dress up clothes, baby dolls, tricycles. Wooden train tracks and the little magnetic trains that ride along them. Blocks that encourage my kids to create something, to build something new. I love toys that encourage children to think.

My son? Has his heart set on a piece of crap.

Since last January, he has had his eye on a specific truck - a forklift, actually. It's overpriced, it's flimsy. It gets terrible reviews. But for the past entire year, Asher has been telling me that Santa and Paw-Paw are going to bring him this one toy for Christmas. In fact, it is the ONLY thing he wants for Christmas this year.

For a while I ignored it. I thought it would surely pass. He has a dozen other dump trucks, solid, metal things that he'll be able to give to his sons one day. He plays with them often, and usually he sings the jingle for the other, crappy toy while he does it. In fact, he sings the jingle so often that Silas knows it too, and they sing it together in the car (he saw the commercial on a movie he watches about construction equipment - so much for protecting kids from commercials by watching videos instead of regular television).

When ignoring it didn't work, I tried to reason with him. I tried to point out other, more durable trucks. Yes, they were all fine and good, and would be fun to play with. But his mind was made. It was that particular forklift, and only that one, that Santa and Paw-Paw were going to bring him. And since Santa doesn't come to our house, and I'm pretty sure his Paw-Paw doesn't know the toy exists, the purchase of the crappy toy fell on me.

I debated. I am frugal at best, and to spend (by my standards) substantial money on a toy that won't last three months just did not seem reasonable. But I also remember what it's like to be a little kid, and not to yet understand that all that glitters is not gold. Would Asher remember that I carefully chose a good, sturdy toy for him? Or would he remember that all he asked for the Christmas he was 4 was a forklift, and his mom wouldn't buy it because she thought it wasn't worth the money?

You know which one he would remember.

So today I put reason aside, took a deep breath, and ordered the crappy toy. At least Amazon is cutting me a deal - it sounds like they know they should, since the reviews all tell me this thing isn't going to last.

Asher will be thrilled.


Anonymous said...

with boys what i have found is that it doesnt matter how fast they fall apart, they still love them even when they are broke saggy and ugly to us....kinda like men and their holey jeans they have had since high school and cannot fit one leg in now.

ljkgates said...

We'll keep gorilla glue on hand for repairs! He will be so happy. Was this a double duty? Does he still want the double duty vehicles from Santa and PawPaw?