Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have run afoul with a surgeon, and Silas' tonsillectomy has been postponed for absolutely no logical reason. Hell hath no fury like a nesting mama trying to get her son well so that she can move him into the Big Boy room and prepare for a baby that will be here in WEEKS, not months, and yesterday afternoon I lost my cool. Someone very lovingly told me I was like a mama badger.

Aren't you glad you aren't on the receiving end of this?

So we have an appointment with a new ENT on Monday (take THAT, Mr. I-Couldn't-Possibly-Have-Time-To-Call-You-Back-And-Make-An-Informed-Decision-About-Your-Son's-Health), which surprisingly actually does not postpone the surgery any longer than just waiting dutifully for our former ENT to get around to us.

Really, I am a perfectly reasonable person.

Until you tell me I can't get my baby's room ready for another month AND I'm going to continue to have a sick toddler for another month because you don't have time to CALL ME BACK.



Kendra said...

I hear ya. Not being able to nest before Luke & Abbey came (because our house was stuck in Closing Hell) was SO frustrating.

Susan Shehane said...

I hear you, too, being something of a badgaer myself this week. Like when I walked out of St. Vincent's hospital, without my glasses on, I should add, asking, "WHERE's the elevator?" to which nurses pointed, and onthe bottom floor, "WHERE's the DOOR?" to which a kind lady led me outside and actually pointed out the car and Dwan. "Auburn hat"? That's the one.

We really spend our livelihoods learning, listening, and making a practice of understanding others, how the learn, etc., what makes them tick.

So when the rest of the world doesn't see our logic nor the maelstrom we're in, Simon says, "GO SNOW." I'm with you, Sisssy.... Do you remember that you always told people you wanted to be a child psychologist (you were five)?-mamamamama