Tuesday, August 24, 2010

because i always want to remember

I never want to forget that the summer my boys were three and two - the last summer it was just the three of us -

When thunder loomed just as we pulled into the parking lot of the swimming pool, or when they had endured about as many trips to the grocery store or post office they could possibly take, their favorite consolation prize - the very best "special treat" they could imagine - was to pick up a snack and park in front of a construction site. There are three in our area. I always want to remember the excitement of passing around lemonade from Sonic's Happy Hour, then sitting in front of bulldozers and cement mixers in the afternoon heat. Every time we would pull up they would squeal, and I would think to myself, one day I'm going to wish their entertainment was still this cheap.

That is the image I will take from this summer - sitting in front of a chain link fence, lemonade in hand, thrilled to watch the front end loader moving in front of us. I don't ever want to forget it.


Lisa said...

Little boys are cheap dates! I'm always amazed at the things that pass for entertainment at this age.

Brian and Ella said...

i love this, stephanie. so sweet.