Monday, August 23, 2010

it's a ...

"baby! It's a ... doctor! Doctor, it's a baby!"

Is there anybody else out there who can quote Lady and the Tramp as thoroughly as my sister and me?

Yes, it's a baby. A healthy baby, with a strong spine, normal heart, and completely unremarkable brain.

Thanks be to God.

It's also a baby girl.

A baby girl, in this house.


Her name will be Emmanuel Ruth. Emmanuel because it means "God is with us," and because I sat bolt upright one night in bed a few days after I was pregnant and told Brian, "It's going to be a girl and her name is going to be Emmanuel." We'll call her Emmy.

Ruth because Brian's grandma's middle name was Ruth, and Brian and I both loved Granny dearly.

Yes, Emmanuel Ruth. In our little world of boys. Hard to imagine.

And now for the most fascinating prenatal development fact ever: Right now, at 20 weeks gestation, this tiny baby girl in my belly has fully developed (albeit tiny) ovaries, with all of the eggs - in their primitive form - she will have. Right now, at this moment, this baby is already carrying the genetic material she will contribute to HER children.

The creation of life is just ... breath taking.

Happy Monday, all.


Cindy said...

Woohoo! Love, love her name and the story behind it. Great news indeed. Can't wait to see how the boys react to a little girl, and Brian - oh my - I can only imagine how he'll answer the door in her teenage years. :)

ljkgates said...

WOOHOO.........Emmy is going to be as beautiful as our two little boys! I can hardly wait.

ljkgates said...

I know that Granny will be right there with you to see her first namesake born.

Michelle said...

Oh Stephanie!! I am so happy to hear all is heallthy and amazing and it makes me smile ear to ear to hear that it's girl!!

Jenia said...

grinning :)

Kendra said...

I love it.

I love it all.

I love that she is healthy.

I love her name.

I love the story behind her name.

I love the story behind this whole entire pregnancy!!

Oh what plans God has for Emmy!

(And I remember being totally blown away when I learned that about Abbey's eggs made me feel, I don't know, a kinship with her. Like I was carrying her, and she already had the beginnings of her children inside her too...hard to wrap your mind around, but isn't that just like God!?)

Anonymous said...

Yay! A healthy, wonderful baby girl!! Sweet Emmy Ruth - I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Also, I love that you used a Lady and the Tramp quote! On my phone's screen saver right now is the L&T quote, "Wag, and the world wags with you. Howl, and they put you outside."
:) not relevant to a wonderful baby girl, but still, had to share! hehe

brian said...

@cindy-i will be availing myself of my 2nd amendment rights in the near future. a 12 gauge should do it!

Danielle said...

Congratulations on your little being! That is amazing that she's already developed. Wow, what a blessing!

Nikki said...

Your boys will love Emmy Ruth!!! I LOVE the name, and I am truly excited that you are having a girl. Not because, boys are not fun, they most definitely are, but I think it is such a delight to be blessed with both!!!

Catherine said...

Amazing!!! And that means that a piece of your future grandchild are in your body at this very moment - and that is a miracle.

Congratulations. :) I'm so glad to know that it IS possible to conceive first two boys and then...a girl! :)

Brian and Ella said...

so, so happy for you and brian! a girl...i don't even know what that's like!! :) i love, love, love her name. beautiful!! i can't wait to hold precious baby emmy!!

buf said...


I love Emmy Ruth. What a pretty name :)


-- jane'

Madame Rubies said...

Congrats, m'dear! What a beautiful name!

aubrey said...

its 6a.m. so I can't really but I am SCREAMING on the inside! I am so excited! Emmanuel Ruth is PERFECT and Emmy is even more so! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see how the boys react! YAY YAY YAY! That is such good news and believe me I've needed good news this week!

Susan Shehane said...

I've been squealing all week! I just hope she isn't born Christmas day -- that would be quite a story to tell (overcome).