Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For the record?

If, in fifteen years, my children do not score well on spatial reasoning portions of standardized tests, let it be known that the root of their demise occurred on this day. Today, August 25, 2010, Asher played "City Dump" one time too many. Want to know what "City Dump" is? It's when the boys (or sometimes just Asher) put every single toy - every screwdriver, every inch-long train track, and - worst of all - every single puzzle piece in their entire room - in one location, "so that the bulldozers can drive over it and crush it." I love imaginary play as much as the next mom, but seriously, when the function of a puzzle is to create "confetti" for ANOTHER round of City Dump, it's time to accept that the puzzles are no longer the picture of educational glee that they could have been. This afternoon I put every single puzzle, along with their MULTITUDE of pieces, every card for every memory game, and every other do-it-yourself type academic toy (that mine never quite seem to do themselves) in a box, and now the box will stay in the top of the closet Until Further Notice.

So, children, if you flunk your college entrance exams and are relegated to manual labor because of me and those stupid puzzle pieces, so be it.

But honestly? If your interests at 3 and 2 are any predictor of what you'll be like at 23 and 22, my guess is you are going to positively LOVE working in the city dump.

Good night.


Jenia said...

I have a friend who worked as a dump truck driver during while he was an exchange student at a university in Japan. He loved it. I still don't get it. :)

Lisa said...

Olivia and friends play the exact same game. Only they call it campfire. And EVERYTHING goes into the campfire...even books. We haven't done anything so drastic as to remove the bookshelves from the room yet, but the puzzles have been banished to the top of the closet for months now...except for special, supervised instances.

Susan Shehane said...

Just wait until you're looking for a Barbie shoe in that city dump!