Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tonight before bed Asher and I sat in the ugly beloved Blue Chair, and I told him the things he used to say when he was a baby - how "Geoff" was "Eff" and he would point to my belly and say, "I-as" for "Silas." He was cracking up, hearing the stories.

God please help me remember these things.

And friends, PLEASE ask me if I've taken the time to either write all the funny things they do in their baby books (especially Silas' baby book. especially), or to print out some of the posts I've written about them and put them inside their baby books, because I don't want to forget. I really don't want to forget those little sweet stories from their baby and toddler days that were just happening in my living room two years ago, and already are just memories.

In other news, the whole side of Silas' FACE is infected. Did you know such a thing was possible? Me neither. I will spare you the gory details, but my GOODNESS I did not know a. that much mucus/fluid existed in one small child, or b. that every opening on a child's face could drain from an ear infection. Just ... yuck. It doesn't gross me out as much as it just makes me want to love on him. Except Silas, being the boy that he is, has No Time for Being Sick. He has a brother to chase, a lawnmower to guard, and trees to pee on, and if he stops long enough for me to hold him then he will most certainly Miss Something Fun. That boy, I swear. I honestly googled ruptured ear drums tonight, because it occurred to me that if there's anyone who could have a ruptured ear drum and not say so, it's probably Silas.

I don't think his ear drum is ruptured. But his face looks so pitiful.

I'm working on substantial posts - about engaging children and potty training, which is interesting to me, so possibly it will interest you - but today I worked a full day (my first full day of paid work since I was pregnant with Asher - and not something that will happen again anytime soon) and last night I led our study and yesterday was a 14-hour day (before our study even started) with no naptime, and as soon as I walked in the door from work today Brian had to leave to go to a meeting .... which is to say - oh baby I'm SO tired.

And if you can name that reference you win the prize.

Good night. I'm off to eat a bowl of cereal and roll my eyes at the television.


papilio588 said...

I'm sorry little Silas has an infected face. :( Hope it clears up soon!!

And I'm pretty sure the reference is Valerie via some talk show about a man complaining to his wife on national television. haha

Valerie said...

Ha. It definitely is. :)