Thursday, April 22, 2010

if i had a twitter account, this is the kind of thing you would hear all day long.

My friend Laurie and I just had a conversation that's making me laugh. We agreed that if I had a twitter account, every update would contain the suffix "with two screaming kids in the backseat." "I just went to Starbucks - with two screaming kids in the backseat." "I just lost a hubcap - with two screaming kids in the backseat." Ha.

It's not that they're always screaming, it's that it wouldn't occur to me to tell you when they weren't. Although, in reality, calm children are a catchier headline than loud ones.

Another update I would have written about fifteen minutes ago - Facebook tells me that my local Chick-fi1-A is having a canned food drive, and if I take in a canned good before 7 p.m. I can get a free chicken sandwich. Of course with Brian gone this evening and all three of us having a still-in-work-out-pants kind of day, my first thought was, "Great! I won't have to cook dinner!" I opened the cabinet and - hand to God - saw that I do not have two cans of food to take to Chick-fi1-A for two free sandwiches tonight.

I kid you not. I have one can - of mandarin oranges - that I bought on Tuesday. That's it.

But, really, this is a half-full kind of moment. I take great care to be a good steward of our money in the grocery store, which includes not buying canned crap we'll never eat. I also am working towards feeding my family unprocessed food when at all possible, and though we still eat some canned foods - Brian would tell you that green beans grow in a can, just the way God intended them to be eaten - we don't eat many.

I guess if I really believed in their symbiotic approach to charity, I could just go buy two cans on our way. One chicken sandwich costs the same as roughly two cans of food, so two sandwiches for two cans means I'm getting one for "free." But two sickly kids in the grocery store after naptime just to buy two cans of food?

I'd rather pay for the sandwich.

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Jamie said...

Come to my house and get some cans.