Tuesday, April 20, 2010

more snippits and updates

A. The most important room in our home? The back yard. It is our dining room, kitchen (for dinners), play room, and potty training grounds. Praise Jesus for good back yards.

B. You know, when you see that little heartbeat on the ultrasound, you picture nursery colors and baby names. Maybe, if you're especially good at imagining the future, you picture birthday parties and Christmas mornings. But you just don't imagine yourself squealing in the backyard and yelping, "Silas! Drop the bumble bee!" And - sweet, adventurous boy that he is - he was more frightened by my tone of voice than he was by the creature in his hand.

C. On Saturday Asher met a real live Cinderella at a birthday party. The boys were naturally a little less captivated than the little girls, clad in their own princess costumes. But Asher did enjoy hearing her story and saying, "YUCK!" emphatically whenever she mentioned the step-sisters. Anyway, when it was his turn to talk to Cinderella, he stared at her very seriously for a moment. Then he said, "Your dress is beautiful." In keeping with his dreams of working in construction, he followed up with, "When I become a big man, I will build you a grand house."

D. So, yes, Silas is potty training. Sort of. I did not anticipate how much little brothers would want to emulate not only their fathers, but their big brothers as well. Silas essentially wants to go potty because Asher does, and he wants to do whatever Asher is doing. He shows a higher level of awareness in All Things Potty than Asher ever did at this age, though I'm not sure how much control he actually has. But yesterday morning he ran into the front bathroom (as he watched Asher head to the back bathroom) and announced, "Mama! Tee-tee in the potty!" I took off his diaper, plopped him on the toilet, and he DID. Since then, whenever he is outside I'm letting him run around in the buff. This is the only way I know to potty train boys, and it worked for the other one, so we'll see how it goes. I'm nowhere NEAR putting underwear on him, but if he's interested in the potty, well, I'm not going to let that moment pass me by.

E. Asher wrote his name on the back of his paper for the first time at school on Friday.

Be still my heart.

Happy Tuesday.


Patti said...

Linked here from Conversion Diary--it FEELS like we might know each other. Do we know each other??

Colin's Mom said...

Way to go on the potty training! I'm curious about being outdoors in the buff. I've heard that before but how does that help? I guess they don't like the feel of the "liquid" going down their legs and it's easier for the parents to clean up? Is that the rationale? I'm just afraid my little guy would learn to prefer to go outside and never want to use an actual potty!

Lisa said...

You blink your eyes and all of a sudden there are these little men in front of you. I can't believe how fast kids grow.

Mrs. Shehane said...

Your blog is the baby book.

But if you'll just print a few of the Asher and Silas stories, they'll appreciate them for life.

I know!

How exciting that Asher has written his name and Silas has found the pot. I feel like I just live in another world during school -- and since everyone's been sick. Love-Mamamamama