Monday, April 19, 2010

just the facts

Quiet day here.

A clean house is so satisfying.

Company for dinner tonight (company to join us for dinner tonight, I mean. We won't eat our company). Will be fun.

Acts 9 and the conversion of Saul last week. And I love the stories of Barnabas and Ananias, willing to minister to Saul at the risk of their own lives, willing to bridge the gap. Risk takers.

And the best Sunday school lesson yesterday, about how not only are we creative, made in the image of a Creator, but we are obligated to create. When we create - not by creating something out of nothing, but by assigning meanings to things - white is purity, for example, and poems describe emotions, not just events - we mostly closely resemble the image of God. The nature of beauty is that it causes us to notice, wonder, appreciate, to thank God for what He's made. Great lesson.

So I ask, in what ways are you creative? And what most causes you to stop and wonder at beauty?

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