Saturday, February 06, 2010

I was standing in the hardware store today, and looked over at Brian, standing fifteen feet away from me. The boys were orbiting between us, burning off the pent up energy created by too many cold, rainy days in a row, and Brian was looking at ... I don't know what. Something in the hardware store. But you know, sometimes you look at a person you love and you really see them, not just what they're doing but who they are. That's what happened there, in the hardware store this morning.

I looked at Brian and thought about the money he was about to spend, the hundred dollar fan he was about to buy. How he bought a small electronic part yesterday too, spending the money from a recent gig to finish de-cluttering and decorating our bedroom. That's all he ever does with his money - make a hundred extra dollars here, spend seventy five there, pick up gigs where he can to pay for toy dump trucks and ceiling fans and dining room chairs. The energy he used to spend marketing and booking gigs now goes into our little house and family. I married George Bailey. And even though he hasn't yet gotten around to seeing the world yet, somehow the world has come to him.

It's a wonderful life, you know?


ljkgates said...

C'mon now, don't make me cry!

okierivermama said...

some days are just awesome like that. like when you wake up and realize its 10 am on Saturday morning and you know he has let you sleep in while he got up with the baby cause you can kinda hear the rumble of his voice thru the wall.