Thursday, February 04, 2010

"not me" thursday

So a blog I read has a weekly blog carnival called "Not Me Monday." It's a chance for moms to air their dirty laundry in a sarcastic, "Not me," way. I've never participated because, frankly, I'm not that good at being sarcastic.

But today ....

The phone rang in the middle of the morning with an unexpected business call that took about a half an hour. If you have children under age five, you can already picture the scene. My children actually cooperated remarkably well -no one was bitten or walloped during the entire phone call, amazingly. Most of the time they just continued playing (which in itself is noteworthy. Normally when I have a phone call in the middle of the morning, I end up holding the phone with my shoulder while comforting one child and taking the other to time-out, cutting my eyes at the offender and doing my best to keep a tone of voice that does not in any way match what is happening around me). Not today - today went smoothly. Until I found them both in the bathroom, brushing their teeth.

You should know that his brand new hot pink Dora toothbrush is Silas' new favorite thing. He likes to walk around the house with it, occasionally chewing on it, occasionally brushing his dump trucks with it. He's not ALLOWED to do that, of course, but a boy can cover some territory with a hot pink toothbrush while his mother is in the shower. So it's no surprise at all that he sensed my distraction and went for his toothbrush.

But I most definitely did NOT open the door just in time to see Silas dip his toothbrush into the (thankfully - and surprisingly - clean) toilet and BRUSH HIS TEETH WITH TOILET WATER. No boy in my house, no matter how boisterous, no matter how boyish, would ever do that.

And their mother most certainly would never let them keep their beloved hot pink toothbrush if they did.

Not me.


Jessica C. said...

This will make me laugh EVERYTIME I hear it!!!

Colin's Mom said...

Hilarious! As a mother of a 2-year old, I can forsee many similar events in our house.

Cindy sent me your way to get some wisdom about raising my said 2-year old. I love your honesty - it's really comforting and appreciated in this unchartered territory (unchartered for me at least).

Jean Stockdale said...

How funny. My boys are grown and married but I can so relate. Great post.