Sunday, February 07, 2010

Babies babies everywhere.

First, go read this birth story. I WEPT, friends. And I'm not a crier (incidentally, for the past several months I have probably ended a story with, "And I'm not a crier!" half a dozen times. At some point I may have to accept that for reasons I can't quite pinpoint, I am becoming a more emotional person. I am becoming a crier, apparently.) Anyway, the story is beautiful. So are the pictures (especially the header - gorgeous. Okay I'll stop talking about it. Just go. See for yourself).

Second, my friend Leslie had a baby on Friday. The 3rd to have #3 in 3 months, remember? Baby Maggie is here, and I'm so excited for her.

Then, a family in church had their premie grandson with him, and he was just so .... tiny. He has this great big name (Judah - I LOVE the name Judah), and he's thriving after a scary start, and he's just so little.

I never get over new life.

Babies and mamas are beautiful. And no, I don't have the baby bug. (A post for another time, to be sure). Just - full of joy and awe over the privilege to reflect the nature of God - as Creator and Shepherd - to these little ones. Babies and mamas, friends. Beautiful.

Now go, read the story, congratulate Leslie, and rest in the Sabbath.


Kendra said...


Thanks for the kleenex warning, but seriously, it wasn't strong enough.

You should have warned us with a "you will need a paper bag to breathe in from the sobs while reading this beautiful story".

But thank you for sharing it, it is beautiful.

The Review Lady said...

No kidding - Kendra was right! It was a beautiful and heart wrenching.