Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Fact: I am totally sitting here, playing on the internet, while my children watch gratuitous Dora, completely ignoring our end-of-the-day routine. I am sitting here, completely ENSHROUDED in toys (yes, okay, that's an exaggeration. But not by much). There is laundry on the kitchen counter, paperwork on the dining room table, sofa cushions on the floor, and every single toy basket upturned in both bedrooms. And I'm sitting here, on the computer. Reading nothing important, planning nothing significant, doing nothing. While my kids watch Dora while they should be in the bathtub getting ready for bed. Because Daddy's out of town this evening, and sometimes that's the way it goes when Dad is out of town. Scrambled eggs for dinner, a little gratuitous Dora, and a few upturned toy baskets never hurt anyone.

Fact: Silas had his first haircut today. When Asher got his hair cut (which was back in the fall, you may remember) it was an EVENT. We both took him, we took fifty pictures, we went out for ice cream? dinner? - something special - afterwards. Silas, um, not so much. YES I KNOW. Second-child complexes are made, not born, and I am creating one RIGHT NOW. My camera was dead - dead dead dead, back up battery dead, third battery kaput, DEAD. And as I was walking out the door, I stood for a moment beside the video camera thinking, Really? Am I really going to take the video camera into a salon? Am I really prepared to be the woman videotaping her son crying in the barber's chair while the other one single-handedly demolishes the rest of the room? Then I decided, yes I am that woman. So I did videotape it, and I will take some "after" shots for you soon (though it really wasn't dramatic - he kept the woolly curls that make him look like Silas). And who knows - maybe I'll even take him out for ice cream on Friday to celebrate. Not ice cream, he's allergic. Hmm ... I'll take him out for - something. We'll see what.

More Facts, a few hours later:

Fact: Tonight, as we were cleaning up Asher's puzzles, he was reading the numbers. " ...5, 6, 7 ..." he said. Silas finished with, "8, 9, 10." Also, Sunday night as Silas was getting out of the bathtub, he asked to go tee-tee in the potty. Of course he didn't actually go, but even showing an interest is surprising. For the record? I was so ready for him not to be an infant anymore. But I am so NOT ready for him to keep growing, to be two years old, then three. I love seeing him gain new skills - he is using phrases (inconsistently, but they're coming along) to communicate, learning to count (apparently), showing an interest in making friends. I love watching him grow, but I am so sad to see the last of his baby days pass us by.

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