Tuesday, January 19, 2010

in pictures

I don't know. Do I have anything noteworthy to share here anymore? I'm not sure.

Even so - a few items of interest (to me. Does this stuff interest anyone else?)

For the third time in three and a half months, I celebrated the upcoming birth of a friend's third baby. Did you catch that Mary? My third friend to have her third baby in three months. In honor, some cake pops.

I've been playing with the recipe, and these were richer and less sweet than previous cake balls. It was a start, but I haven't nailed it yet. I still think the brownie bites were the best thing I've ever eaten, ever. Decorating them was fun - my friend is just not the bows and bonnets type. Her girls are more fuchsia than pastel. Accordingly, her cake pops were hot pink with chocolate stripes. Fun.

Have you guys figured out yet that food is my love language? I feed those whom I love. I can't help myself. Thankfully, I also take a good bit of pride in finding quasi-healthy ways to cook and live. Unless cake balls are in order, that is.

A picture of the aerobic worship that takes place a few times a week in our living room. Here they are dancing to Lane's "Na Na Song."

It's funny - there is this idea that when a child has siblings, he's losing out somehow, giving up some of the love, time, money, and energy his parents would have otherwise given him. What you don't hear as often - especially when you have one boy on your hip and another holding your hand - is what a blessing siblings are to one another. Asher and Silas routinely pummel each other, but they also routinely run through the house after one another, make up their own games, laugh at the other's silliness, and generally roam about until they find their brother. I just can't imagine either of their lives without the other in it. As much energy as it required from me to have them so close in age, I am so glad they get to grow up together. Like so.

Happy Tuesday.


Nick M. said...

The cake pops look amazing! I think it is so great that A & S have each other to grow up with you. I love my siblings dearly but we are all three years apart and I am 6 years older than my brother so we didn't have that same bond that your boys will have. I am excited to watch this same thing with Harper and Lily as they grow up together.

The pictures are great also!

The Review Lady said...

Interested in all you have to say - I just forget to leave a comment most of the time! :)

ljkgates said...

I love the cake pops! I sure have missed my little boys! I loved the pictures of them and can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to get my share of hugs and kisses!
We had a great trip but it seems like ages since we have seen you guys.
Love to all-

Lisa said...

Amen to the siblings thing. I think kids get so much more from having a sibling (or more) than from having their parents' undivided attention. Love grows.

Kendra said...

Those cake pops look so great! I am impressed by your talent...and also a little hungry now.

And I am constantly at interest in what you have to say, truly.

aubrey said...

your cake pops look amazing! i am seriously impressed! i am equally impressed/interested in everything you write! please don't stop!