Monday, January 18, 2010

i just called to say

We put Asher back in his crib last night (and lowered the rail, so that he can climb out himself, thereby christening it his "big boy crib." Everything - and I do mean every thing - is more palatable to a three year old when preceded by the words "big boy"). He slept until 7 a.m.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day to you.


Lisa said...

I have many, many days when I wish I could return Olivia to the crib. It's been 8 or 10 months since we were able to use it. And I've had to sit with her until she falls asleep EVERY. NIGHT. SINCE. Of course, to use the crib it would have to have five foot walls on all four sides for us to use it. *Sigh* Our child is a monkey.

Colin's Mom said...

Any tips or advice for making the crib to bed transition smoother? I'm about to tackle this milestone so I appreciate all the help I can get!! Thanks in advance.