Saturday, January 16, 2010


It's been a long morning on a rainy Saturday - Silas was awake for the day at 4:30 (my guess is teeth - not that it matters why he's awake that early, but it makes me feel better to think there's a reason. A reason means one day there will no longer be a reason, and he will sleep later than 4:30. To think that children just randomly wake up at 4:30 a.m. is incredibly disheartening, as irrational as that sounds), and Asher was up not long after. Early mornings really don't bother me so much, but I didn't go to sleep until midnight last night, and that's the part that's killing me. It's really hard to believe that in a dozen years my little boys are going to want to stay in bed half the day on Saturdays. I would be content - thrilled, elated - if they made it to 7 a.m.

This morning we have

consumed numerous cups of coffee
gone out for breakfast
been to the tractor place (I think they sell dump trucks there? I really don't know. But there were two dozen pieces of heavy machinery in one parking lot, which is free entertainment for two small boys)
stopped by the fire station to watch firemen wash the truck
driven out to the airport to watch the airplanes fly by
watched approximately three hours worth of dumptruck videos and Cars
bought (and installed) a tire for Brian's truck
started a batch of cake balls
eaten lunch
put Silas down for nap

And it's not even noon and we were, at best, working at a leisurely pace. We weren't TRYING to accomplish anything, we've just all been awake for THAT LONG.

And with that I'm off - time for Saturday afternoon errands. I wish you soup and naps for your rainy afternoon.

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Brian and Ella said...

oh my! i hope you have already gone to bed for the night! miss seeing you!