Friday, January 22, 2010

if it's friday, it must be ...

1. Housework is Sisyphean.

2. Working part-time is good for my soul. It gets my head out of these four walls, gives Asher time to make nests out of poster paint and twigs and practice writing his "N's" for a teacher who has clearly won his affection (even if she causes me sit up and say yes ma'am reflexively), and gives Silas time to be an only grandboy for a few hours a week. It is a blessing to all of us.

3. I got a new dining room table yesterday. Brand new, never used, beautiful, 75% off (brand new is novel around here - we don't buy much that is completely brand new in our home, except for things like underwear and ketchup). Our dining room just went from the ability to seat three (without pulling in office or rocking chairs) to the ability to seat TEN comfortably (Prophetic? Don't ask Brian that, unless you have a paper bag for him to breathe in). At 75% off, no less. This is me, standing in the doorway to the dining room and grinning.

4. But whoa, hey, when you move a kitchen table that's been in the same place for a while, and when your home is overrun with tiny boys who like applesauce and one gangly dog - well, let's just say that rug needs to be cleaned. Badly. Alas - see #1.

5. I've realized something about myself - I really hate working out. I love love love the effects of it - stiff muscles and a clear head and clothes fitting comfortably - but the actual moments I spend on the elliptical are, well, hard. It's a good thing my neighbor is so serious about it. My recent commitment to working out speaks to the power of accountability. My conscience will not allow me to turn off the alarm and stand up the woman who was up half the night nursing a baby but who still gets out of bed at 5:30 a.m. to torture herself three days a week for the sake of her health.

6. Asher got a tractor video for Christmas. It's nails on a chalkboard to the rest of us, but seriously? The next time I need to, I don't know, write a novel or do my taxes or something, all I need to do is turn on The Tractor Movie. He will watch it as long, and as often, as you will let him. Since it's nails on a chalkboard, though, he is only allowed access to it during quiet time (which is now, when I'm obviously busy doing important things like blogging and ignoring the dirty rug - see #1). Otherwise I may have to shoot the television just to make it stop, and I'm not typically annoyed by things like that.

7. I love to see people I love enjoy their lives. Brian has been riding his bike (trail riding) a lot lately, and is really enjoying it. The sunshine and 65* afternoons help, of course. But I love seeing him do the things he loves.

One to grow on - all of the Christmas decorations are currently in a laundry basket in the corner of my room. See #1.

Those are the seven thoughts clanging around in my head this afternoon. What are yours?


Brian and Ella said...

and i've got an empty diaper box full of ornaments (not wrapped up in the least to keep them safe) in our guest room that are waiting to be organized in their correct storage and packed away. i keep waiting for that day when the boys "accidentally" destroy that box...i better get motivated quick or we will have nothing to hang on our tree next year!

can't wait to see your new table!!

Brian said...

i'm thinking about shrink wrapping the laundry basket of ornaments and putting them back in the attic.

Madame Rubies said...

Corey and I would like to say how glad we are that you do not buy used underwear or ketchup. But, I have a jar of mayo if you're interested.

buf said...

man I like the way you write.