Sunday, November 01, 2009

highlights from the weekend

1. Yesterday we went to a pumpkin patch - complete with a hayride, inflatable slides, and petting zoo. (A little background first - Asher has just discovered the movie "Cars." Everybody remember the tractor tipping scene? Asher thinks that is hysterical. He laughs every time. Anyway - )When we first saw the tractor that was pulling the trailer for the hayride, Asher asked, "Is that a REAL tractor?" Brian confirmed that it was. Asher stood directly in front of it, took a deep breath, then screamed, "BOO!"

Oh, friends, it was every bit as funny as it sounds.

2. Silas woke up from his nap on Halloween afternoon with what I'm almost positive is strep throat (sad, but not surprising). So he spent most of the evening on my hip or Brian's. He did trick or treat at a few places, though, and he was so cute. At the first house, he tried to go inside, and he got SO MAD at me for stopping him. He was such a cute little dragon, saying thank you every time someone put anything in his bag, even though he doesn't even know what candy is, and will almost certainly not have any this year.

3. Our neighborhood is mostly comprised of older couples or young families, so there weren't many homes intended to be scary last night. Plus, in general Asher is pretty sensitive to scary things, so we avoided that scene whenever possible - confining Halloween to pumpkins and candy for the past several weeks. But there was one house last night that had dry ice, spooky music, a beheaded mannequin, the whole scene. As soon as Asher spotted it, he tore off towards the doll, yelling, "Hang on little guy! The Karate Kid Rescue Ranger is coming to rescue you!" My sweet boy.

There will be pictures soon enough. A few technical difficulties are slowing me down. Also, did I mention Silas has strep throat? So, yeah, I'll post pictures eventually.

Happy Sabbath all.


ljkgates said...

That was so funny about Asher wanting to rescue the doll! And little Silas saying thank you everytime he got candy. They just melt my heart.

Lisa said...

Cute! Asher really has a creative mind!