Friday, October 30, 2009

7 things - the "whew, we made it" edition

1. We bought a new car today. That's right friends - total turn around time, from "Our old car is no longer reliable," to "Um, some guy is about to buy our old car RIGHT NOW" to "I just found a great deal on a great car for our family" was eight days. It has literally taken me longer to clean this house at times than it has for us to start and complete a major purchase. Ahem.

2. What did we buy? So kind of you to ask. We bought this one:

(This one is not my actual car, but it's pretty close. Minus the white box on the side. And our's is champagne colored, with tan interior ... not that you CARE, but just for accuracy's sake). It is undeniably a grocery getter, but it is the COOLEST grocery getter we've ever had. Also? It stays cranked. And really, a car that stays cranked (and has air conditioning, have mercy, because it is still 80* here this week) is all that I need.

3. Predictably, making a major purchase has caused us to re-examine not only our finances, but also our priorities. We really really want to live as simply as possible, and not to believe the lie that we are what we have. We also want don't want to find our security in STUFF. Major purchases are always a stress on some level, but I think this one falls in line with our priorities, and I'm glad for that.

I'm also glad to have a car that stays cranked.

4. And yes, Asher is better, thanks for asking. Tomorrow is All Halloween All The Time, and Asher and I both are super excited. Costumes! And pumpkins! And - if the rain holds out - hayrides! And friends! What could be better?

5. I've noticed this week how different Silas' life is from Asher's at his age. In general, Silas' life is just more social. It's more centered around what his family members are doing, and how he can be a part of it. He's been a little lost with Asher sick all week - he will play alone or with me, but he's just not quite sure what to make of life without his big brother. We've been working on getting him to say his name. Earlier in the week, I pointed to his little belly and said, "Silas." He pointed at himself and said, "Brother." It was both sweet and telling.

6. I've finished working two full weeks of my new part-time job. It's too soon to tell how it's going. I enjoy the work - I always enjoy the work - but also? I really enjoy being at home with my kids. There are moments when I'm holding out for naptime, but in general, I really like my life at home. So - the jury is still out. I think once we are out of the transition, and have a routine, we will all enjoy it a little more.

7. For those who are wondering, I'm working two mornings a week (plus one naptime a week for paperwork, ideally). Asher is going to Mother's Morning Out (which he LOVES - the kid acts like he OWNS the joint whenever we walk in the building. The other day I was dropping him off at his grandma's and he said, "No, I go to SCHOOL, not to Grandma's house"), and Silas is spending two mornings a week with his Grandma (praise Jesus for Grandma). I'm doing the same work I've always done, but I've accepted a contract with an organization, rather than the freelance type stuff I've been doing for a while. It's local and guaranteed work, which is good. But corralling the responsibilities into the allotted time is, as as always, the challenge. I'm still hopeful that will happen. We'll see.

What about you? What factors do you consider when making a major purchase? Anybody know how long it takes to establish a new routine? Anyone dressing up for Halloween?

Happy Friday all.


Kendra said...

That's so exciting about your new's to finding the balance soon!

And SO COOL about the new car.

We just bought a house - our biggest purchase EVER. And one of the things we like to consider before big purchases (cars, furniture, etc) is are we COMFORTABLE with this decision. To be fair, no one is comfortable forking over that many zeros to purchase a home, but we can rest our heads on our pillows at night knowing we did NOT over extend ourselves. Although we were approved for a whole lot more than we chose to spend, we know that -God willing- we will be able to make our payments without cutting anything else out of our life.

We also make every effort to remember that what society says we "need" is most often not the case. We can get by on far less just fine.

Lisa said...

Major purchase...I never make one the same day. I look, walk away, and assess tomorrow whether I'm still motivated to buy. For a car, though, our big factors are NOT NEW, NOT TOO OLD, CAN PAY WITH CASH. Which usually means something 1-2 years old, and occasionally bought from ebay (no kidding...we have three vehicles, and two of them were ebay purchases).

Jason said...

I dressed up as Fred Flintstone ...pictur4es can be seen on Facebook ...the youth group were characters from Bedrock