Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fact #1: I found my 60+ pound full-grown definitely-knows-better golden retriever WALKING ON THE KITCHEN TABLE TODAY to clean up scraps from lunch. No lie. As if I had nothing better to do but chase the dog OFF of the kitchen table. Sheesh.

Fact #2: I just found a half-eaten baby carrot in the bottom of the washing machine. Now I'm not even that concerned about HOW a baby carrot landed in the washing machine. My big question is, was it already half-eaten? Or did it partially dissolve in the washing machine?

Fact #3: One little boy or another has peed on the hardwood THREE TIMES TODAY. And one of those times, a certain little boy then dipped a perfectly non-toxic dish towel into an UNFLUSHED toilet to try to clean up the pee-pee. Good WORD for the germs involved in that moment. I cleaned it up, but please, don't ever eat off of my floors. Seriously.

Fact #4: Silas discovered mud today. He also started saying, "ME?!" when he does something he is proud of, as in "Look at me!" SO. CUTE. Normally I am a proponent of little boys discovering mud (or anything else outdoors), but Silas owns exactly three pairs of pants. Wait, scratch that. He owns about 14 pairs of pants, but 3 of them are not too big, and one of them was coated in mud this afternoon. Praise Oxyclean, all is well now. And they were even rinsed with a little extra beta carotene. You know, just in case.

Good night.


okierivermama said...

You are having an eventful week. How is the strep patient? Arent little boys learning to control their pee pee the most fun thing ever???

Lisa said...

Ha! Olivia keeps finding dog poo in our play yard (dang neighborhood dogs). Luckily, though, she has about two dozen pairs of pants that fit. Thank you, oh givers of hand-me-downs.