Friday, September 25, 2009

our day in pictures (updated on saturday morning, briefly)

What a day.

Asher started school ...

Aunt Scooter and Baby H spent the day with us ...

and Silas was, well, Silas.

I had grand plans for my morning alone with Silas. We were going to go to the zoo, then meet Aunt Scooter for lunch. Instead, Silas decided he'd rather take a nap. Which was fine - maybe we'll make it to the zoo next week.

Honestly, Asher's first day of school was a little ... chaotic. We're all a little overstimulated, all a little unsure of our new routine (even though he's only going one day a week - which in some ways adds to the chaos, I'm sure). More than one teacher commented that he had the best first day they had ever seen. He didn't care when I left, he fell right into the routine ... aside from the occasional shove of a classmate (welcome to my world), he acted as though he's been going to school all of his life.

We all had a big day.

Before I sign off, I wanted to tell you guys that I dropped the charges from last week. I debated writing a big post about it (I've written one in my head a half dozen times), but in the end the thing is this - I couldn't pray. I've been forgiven of so much, and there is no higher law than the law of love. Who am I to hold a wagon against my neighbor? How could I possibly stand before God with a clear conscience, recognizing how desperate I would be apart from Him, and how much grace He has shown me, when I did not extend a tiny portion of that grace to another person? I had the chance to show mercy, and I didn't do it. I regret that now. I've tried to contact the girl and talk to her about it, but I haven't had any luck yet. Just wanted to let you know.

Happy Friday all.

PS on Saturday morning - I would just like to add that the current generation of teenagers has a reputation of entitlement and of not knowing how to work. But Thursday evening (during the dinner hour) two students showed up on my doorstep, asking if they could do odd jobs to earn 20$ for a textbook fee for an elective class. I told them that if they could come back on Saturday I would find some yard work for them to do. At 8:30 this morning those two students showed up, ready to work, to earn money for their textbooks. That doesn't sound like entitlement to me. Happy Saturday.


baron said...

I wasn't going to put in my two cents before, but I applaud you dropping the charges.

Jamie said...

I feel like the word grace has been blowing around in the air with the falling leaves, landing in my lap and now in yours.
I know you are not looking for affirmation, but I think you did the right thing.

Madame Rubies said...

I am glad you dropped the charges. I just couldn't see you NOT dropping them, honestly.