Thursday, September 24, 2009

you remember the one. *updated with a bonus episode.*

Ah. Home sweet blog.

This week has been full of new episodes of Stephanie's Family Circus. There was the One with the Roach, wherein a disgusting thumb-sized (which is closer to hand-sized, for little ones) outdoor cockroach materialized out of thin air and landed on Asher in the bathtub. Picture me, screaming (OH HOW I HATE ROACHES), Asher screaming and doing the there's-a-roach-on-me dance, and Silas deeming the whole thing Sketchy and screaming in agreement. In the end we left the roach to drown in the bathtub. I sat on the floor of my room with two sudsy sobbing naked children, one on either knee, trying to convince them and myself that roaches aren't carnivorous, and we would all be okay. It was quite a moment.

Then there was The One With the Mud, in which Asher and Silas taught their delicate female counterparts about the beauty of dirt. For all the times I've taken my camera to the park, I really can't believe I didn't have it with me that day. They had a BLAST. We would all congregate around a slide that invariably emptied into a puddle, watch them catapult down the slide and into the filth, and applaud. There was mud in ears, mud in diapers, mud in curls ... So very fun.

There was also The One Where Silas Grows Up - climbing the big slide at Chick fi1-A (seriously most children are over two years old before they can manage those steps, for those of you unfamiliar with fast food playgrounds) and pummeling down, over and again. He also got his first pair of tennis shoes, which were christened at a different playground this morning, and he burned his fingers on the tires yesterday (did you know to pay attention when your children are around car tires? Because I really didn't. He's going to have the scars to prove it). He also mastered the art of a kiss, and will subsequently pucker up at the slightest provocation, delighting us all. This morning Brian told him good-bye for the day, and Silas kissed his cereal in response. All of that in a week. This part of babyhood happens so fast! I never get over it.

And there was The One Where Stephanie Gets Offered a Job. Three (more or less) in the past two weeks, in fact. In this economy (it's actually because of this economy that my position is in high demand, but that's another story) ... so I called another program this morning - one that has suggested the possibility of a future with them, but has never approached me - and asked if they would create a VERY part-time position and hire me to do it. It was pretty ballsy, even for me. I like my life, I don't need a job. But two mornings a week would not be a major life change for my family. The position would be a challenge, and would be a good next move for my career. They may not hire me, but still. It's always nice when people are calling with work, right?

And there was The One with the Soccer Game, wherein Asher had his first invitation to go somewhere with a friend without a family member with him. I wish you could have seen that little boy jump out of the chair, sprint through our leaving-the-house routine, then wait for his ride on the front steps, wearing his back pack, ready to go. It was SO. CUTE. He went with my friend Jamie's family to a neighborhood soccer game, where he and his buddy Andrew lapped the field (and jumped off the walls) for a few hours. I love watching my kids enjoy their lives - making friends, finding puddles, climbing slides. I love it all.

And then it's now. Happy Thursday all.

Wait - one more. The One About Shampoo. Baron, with your reasonable comment and being a GUY and all, it was your comment that sparked Brian's interest, and now he's doing it. Day One 'Poo Free. For crying out loud. He also called me and said, "Did you know there's this whole MOVEMENT where people are doing everything naturally? Cloth diapers and no chemical cleaners and everything." Um, yes, I did know that. It's EVERYWHERE, and now Brian's going to have something new to obsess over on the internet. Okay, fine, but I'm not giving up my Febreze. I'm just saying.

Good night.


papilio588 said...

I've heard that roaches can live up to 8 days submerged in water....for your sake, hope it is not true.

The boys are growing up TOO fast! Really wish there were a way to see them before Christmas. :(

Baron said...

Brian may be my new hero. Keep me posted. If he decides he wants to ease into the poo-free lifestyle, or if he wants to go a bit more natural with his suds, tell him to try a bar of Kirk's Castile (available at Publix). I LOVE it.

The only catch is that it can't be stored in a typical soap dish. It will melt in a matter of days. And it can get pricey buying new soap every few days. So, either stand it up or store it in a manner such that it can dry.

If, on the other hand, Brian is completely satisfied with his current suds, please feel free to ignore my suggestion.

Please keep me posted on his progress. I'm quite interested.

The Review Lady said...

Sounds like a fun filled couple of days. Keep me posted on how things go for Brian too. Due to your last shampoo post and link, I was sucked into a shampoo-free/natural living time warp on the Internet that lasted far too long but was very interesting.