Wednesday, September 09, 2009

a little stream of consciousness with your afternoon coffee.

Is everyone okay if I just ramble a minute?

First, another blog for you: Merry's Cloister. Her current post is sad, but in general I love the way she thinks. And I love finding new things to read that open my eyes more to the presence of the Kingdom of God. Anyway, from me to you.

Second, lately our days have been too full. Too many tasks, too many projects, too many meetings. Not enough time to splash in the pool one last time or walk down to the park. No time for popsicles on the back porch after naps, when it's time to rush the kids into the carseat to make it to the next (fill in the blank) on time. So today I focused on just being with my kids, not working through a list. They enjoyed it (of course), but I'm not quite there yet. I believe in shifting away from our recent task-oriented days and living instead in a relationship-oriented rhythm, but the organizer (the first born child, the overachiever) in me is pushing against it. So if it occurs to you this week, please say a prayer for me. I could spend the rest of my life filling my days with tasks and lists. I have chosen specifically not to live that way, to care more about people than activity, but it's just so easy for it to creep back in. That old overachiever, she's stubborn that way.

Third, Silas is learning to talk. Some of you who were around back when Asher first talked may remember that watching a baby learn to communicate is one of the most fascinating, fulfilling, beautiful experiences I've ever had (at work or at home). Seeing what they learn first - the words they hold in highest regard - gives such a clear glimpse into their little budding minds. I never get over it.

Anyway, Silas is learning to talk. Want to hear what he's saying?

"Out!" (is outside, and his most exuberant word so far). "Dance!" is followed by a demonstration that could surely win us $10,000 on America's Funniest Home Videos. It's a cross between Night at the Roxy and a snake charmer, all the way to his toes. It is impossible for me to watch him dance and keep a straight face, which ensures that he will dance for me all day long. He knows words related to our routine, like "bathtime" and "night-night." He also meows at every four-legged animal, sings along to Dora, says "Bottom" (for my directive to "Sit on your bottom," which you know I have to tell him all day long. As in, "Don't stand on the train table. Sit on your bottom." "Don't climb the rocking chair, sit on your bottom." Etc.), says, "Juice," "Banana," "Snack," signs "eat," says "foot ball" and "baseball," and says "run run" (which is normally both a complaint and a declaration, when one of us has picked him up while we're outside). He also is showing interest in books, and likes animals the most. "Brown Bear" is his favorite, which is good for my soul.

Silas' first declarations to the world tells me how much he wants to MOVE, friend. He is motivated by ACTION, by doing. He'll leave the observations to his brother and just go for it to see what happens. I love that little boy so much. And I love hearing him talk. (One last thing - the only body part he can point to and say yet is his pee-pee. Already a GUY, I swear. But how cute is he on his new slide?)

One last bit of rambling before I go: I have a facebook friend who is seriously probably six weeks pregnant and NEVER STOPS GRIPING ABOUT PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS. She posts status updates all day long, talking about how nauseated she is, announcing her baby names, complaining about having to work when she feels bad. Part of me is glad for her, that she is so confident in her body's ability to sustain that pregnancy, and can just enjoy the moment. But another part of me wants to shake her. How many women are trying to get pregnant and are staring down her updates all the time? How many of her friends are unable to stay pregnant and would love nothing more than to feel nauseated at their desk because of the little life that is already thriving and strong? I don't mind hearing women complain about pregnancy in general (I personally am SKILLED at complaining about pregnancy, when my turn rolls around), but to do so so early, and so publicly, bothers me.

That's all. Now I'm off to enjoy the quiet (NOT to plough through it, I will NOT work through it today). Happy Wednesday all.


Madame Rubies said...

When it comes to griping or even just talking publically, my motto is, "Know your audience." And, when you audience is Facebook, that covers everybody, so I prefer not to whine or discuss TOO personal of issues there. Same for my blog.

ljkgates said...

Look how big he looks on that slide!

mikkee said...

One of my favorite things about Peru - relationships are top priority, time and lists come in way down on the list. It frustrates me at times, but when I am there, I love it. I love just being in a way I don't allow myself to in the States. I am thankful for your efforts to put relationships first in a culture that can not always support that.

Nick M. said...

I am going to play the other side of the field on this one. I totally understand and 100% support your feelings about the importance of relationship when it comes to balancing everyday life and family/kids. Here's my thing though, you are who you are. You can't hide or deny your organized over-achieving self nor do I believe should you. I think there is a balance to be found between the two, because while relationship is absolutely important I think it is important for us (and now I'm speaking about me and mine) to raise our kids to see their parents being productive and accomplishing tasks and being driven. If they don't learn that at home they aren't likely to learn it anywhere else and then we potentially have raised "do nothing" apathetic kids who might otherwise have made a great impact on the world if they know what it means to achieve.

I'm not saying make it paramount or even priority, but there definitely should be a balance that shows them how to achieve.

Just sayin'.

Stephanie said...

Nick, I don't think there's a question that both are an important part of life. My struggle is in what motivates me. Am I motivated to work through a list, or am I motivated to interact with the world around me? It is too easy to equate sharing space to interaction, and I think that's a cop out.