Friday, September 11, 2009

quickish takes

1. Little Silas has an ear infection. A pretty bad one, according to the doctor. Silas concurs. He's had ten?-ish ear infections by now, but he usually doesn't act like he's in very much pain. This time, though, any time anything bumps his head he cries. He is also not napping and just generally miserable ... poor little kid. I picked up his second antibiotic this evening, so hopefully he'll start to feel better tomorrow.

2. Okay, so Asher's tantrums? 100% related to blood sugar. But here's my question to you: I don't handle sugar very well, but I don't have any actual DISORDER. I just have to watch my sugar intake. So is Asher's reaction to sugar normal? I should say, his reaction to sugar is to kick, scream, hit, throw, and cry uncontrollably 1-2 hours after eating sweets. Do other people's children do this? Or do I need to be talking to his doctor about it?

3. Omega-3, how I love you. I simply cannot get over how both my children and I have more energy and more focus when we take Omega-3 supplements (and I'm just popping a gummie along with them - I'm not even taking an adult dosage yet). I haven't really gotten into supplements, but Omega-3 has won me over.

4. Tonight was the shop-early night at a local semi-annual consignment sale, and it was a ZOO. Seriously. I had pretty good luck with clothes, but was disappointed by the toy selection. Let's be clear - we NEED nothing in our house. But there were a few things my kids would really enjoy if we had them, and consignment sales are the best places to find them. Anyway, no wooden trains and no sand tables. Sadly.

5. I did find one toy at the sale that I've been looking for all summer. Remember Silas' love for Dora? I found a really for real purple-with-a-face Backpack for Silas (for 2$). I can't wait to show it to him. He's also going to be a dinosaur for Halloween (by the way, that's not his actual costume. It is folly to buy a full-body costume for October in the Deep South. His is a little vest/shirt thing, with a dinosaur head attached. But the colors are the same as the one in the picture.) Asher is going to be Karate Kid, even though he doesn't even know who that is. But he's finally old enough to wear the outfit Elizabeth sent him from Hong Kong when he was 8 months old, and he's still young enough not to have a strong opinion about Halloween costumes. Wax on, wax off, Asher.

6. Speaking of Elizabeth, happy birthday to you!

7. I love this picture of Silas. And this one of Asher. Both of their little toes, doing what they do best right now - Silas, reaching for the next big thing, and Asher, midair.

Happy Friday, all.

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Madame Rubies said...

I do not go without at least one dose of Omega 3 each day. They are AMAZING. I have been eyeing the gummies and wondering if it would be worthwhile for the boys.

I never noticed any connection between behavior and sugar in my boys. They don't get a lot of it though, regardless. They don't know just what they are mossing yet. ;) If it is a problem for Asher, then I might mention it to the doc or just lower his intake? It is hard to do, I know. Sugar hides in odd places. Like... ketchup. Ketchup is mostly sugar. Crazy.