Thursday, July 30, 2009

good links

I've found a new wave of good blogs lately, and I wanted to pass them along. From me to you.

Mighty Maggie - is another stream of consciousness blog by a spiritually-minded mother of two young children (who are very close in age to my own), so OF COURSE she has my attention. But she's also witty and has an interesting perspective on her life.

Sunlight in Dark Corners
- Twice now I have followed along as people told (and came to understand) their stories via blog. Now I have the opportunity to do it again with this blog. You have to have a stomach for it, to be sure. But I believe in the healing that comes from being heard, and every time I choose to listen I learn a little more of what it means to love others. So, Sunlight in Dark Corners. If you're up for it.

My Charming Kids - Georgia's Mom is going to read this and scold me for finding YET ANOTHER sad story on the internet. But that's not what draws me to her. Her faith, and earthiness, and art as part of life, and love for her kids are why I keep coming back. Also, she's got some serious artistic ability. Seriously talented.

Conversion Diary - So. Good. A story of a woman who was once an atheist and has converted to Catholicism. And since Catholics believe in a continual conversion (as opposed to a single moment of salvation - which Presbyterians just call something else, in my opinion, but that's a topic for another day), her blog is the story of her continuing spiritual conversion.
There is so much to learn from one another. I may practice differently from my Catholic friends, but growing in Christ is always growing in love and gratitude and service, so almost every time I read her story I am challenged in my own. This is the best of the bunch, in my opinion.

And then, um, hey, have I mentioned I started another blog? Check it out and share your ideas for life with little ones here.


leslie said...

Sunlight in Dark Corners has me crying and hoping and praying...

Kendra said...

Now honestly My Charming Kids has some extreme happiness to it too!! I found it through Bring the Rain back when she was pregnant with Stellan, and he was not expected to live!!

I do however find myself praying from afar lately, and only getting the Cliff Notes from my sister (who is an avid reader) because I just can't take the heartache.

maggiecheung said...

Hey thanks Stephanie!