Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i couldn't make this stuff up

Wednesday nights are killing me. Dinner at the church at 5:30, followed by Bible study at 6:30. Dinner goes pretty well, but Silas is just not cooperating with going to the nursery at bedtime. Silas' day is not as scheduled as Asher's was at his age, but there are a few sacred routines that just can't flex - afternoon nap and bedtime are non-negotiable for him. He wants to eat (lunch or dinner) and go immediately to bed (bath, then bed at night), and any detours are met with serious resistance. So both times I've tried to attend, I've had to leave before the study anyway, because he won't sit quietly in the sanctuary (I've heard rumors of quiet, easily entertained 13-month-old babies, but I don't birth them, apparently) and he won't go in the nursery.

Then once we got home it was mayhem ... there was a moment after bath time when nobody was dressed and I was trying to gather up towels/ pajamas/ toothbrushes/ diapers, etc. Asher is yelling that he needs to go potty and Silas is streaking across the house, giggling at his mother trying to diaper him before he poops on the floor. I put Asher on the potty, came back to catch Silas, and discovered I was too late - he'd already done the deed in the sunroom. My first thought was, at least he had his big diaper of the day while he was screaming in the nursery, or this could be much worse. So I go back to the bathroom to get something to clean up the mess, and realize Asher climbed OFF the potty specifically to use the bathroom on the floor. When I asked him why, he said, "Because I wanted to."

Kids: 2, Mom: 0.

We're going to have to rethink my involvement in Wednesday night services. For now, I'm off to sit in front of the t.v. and recover. Night all.


mikkee said...

that could be called a poopy sort of night!

Brian and Ella said...

we are in this together, my friend!!