Friday, July 31, 2009

5 confessions plus 2 observations equal 7 quick takes.

1. I do my best to make sure my children have on matching clothes when they go for their check-ups. It's my way of saying, "Hey! Somebody loves these kids! Pay attention to them." Also, it is my attempt to make up for all of the times I stumble into the pediatrician's office sleep-deprived and overcaffeinated, toting two little boys in their pajamas, when everybody has a fever. Proof to The Authorities that I am capable of dressing myself and my children. Sometimes.

2. I'm beginning to think maybe I need to be more mindful of how much television my children watch. Silas toddling in to the living room, plopping his little diaper on the rug, and zoning out in front of Clifford the other morning was a bit of a wake-up call. My 13-month-old couch potato. This could be a problem.

3. Since the mosquitos have gotten bad I haven't spent as much time crooning over the hydrangeas or tomatoes, and they are looking a little ... tired. I've tried to give them extra water lately, to see if it might perk them up a bit, but now I'm wondering if maybe they peaked out early? Who knows. And the rosemary just gave up the ghost while we were on vacation. Sad. Lessons for next year - more grape tomatoes. Basil next time, rosemary again. And ask someone to water the plants the next time we travel. (*UPDATE: Someone told me after I wrote this that all of the tomatoes in our area this year are catching a fungus that are making them look like mine does. My ego is relieved.)

4. We started recycling again a few weeks ago (I KNOW. Why has it taken me so long to do it here? SHEER LAZINESS). (I'm especially embarrassed to admit this in front of Emily, knowing her opinions on the environment.) I can't get over a. how MUCH recycling we have, b. how LITTLE actual trash we have now (1-2 bags per week, down from nearly 1 bag a day), c. how much longer it takes to fill up the trash can outside (probably three weeks, if we waited until it was completely full), and d. how much worse food-trash smells than recyclable trash. GROSS. Recycling plus only one child in diapers equals much, much less garbage than we used to produce. That part is good - the confession is in how long it has taken me to get back into the habit of recycling. And don't even mention composts or cloth diapers, because it ain't happening. Not in this season of my life, anyway.

5. My dog. He is his own confession. He's so big and hairy and scratchy (even though I am obsessive about making sure he doesn't have or get fleas - what else would make a dog itch all the time?) and loves to loll about on newly vacuumed rugs and just ... geez. If he wasn't so effective at cleaning up kids' food messes, I would be a lot more bitter. UPDATE: I wrote this a few days ago, and have since come to remember how much I really do like my dog. I especially like having a big dog when Brian is traveling. Although we all know he would be absolutely useless if he actually needed to defend us, he sounds scary through the door, and that's good enough for me.)

1. Sleep deprivation, thy name is Silas. He was awake three times last night for no discernable reason (it could ALWAYS be his teeth, and he could ALWAYS be overtired, but how in the world is any reasonable person ever supposed to know? And do you really continue to medicate them for maybes?). At one point last night both of my children were awake and crying in their beds, and I was the only adult home. (Do I sound like I'm complaining about my kids lately? It's only because I've had a bad attitude, not because they've done anything any different. They need the same things from me, but I've been grumbling more about providing it. Which is my problem, not theirs ...) Anyway, we skipped our play date this morning and both children have eaten lunch and are headed to bed before 11:30 a.m. We all need an early nap today.

2. The most miserable weather in Alabama is not 106* days (though those really are miserable Kendra!), or 93* lows at night. The most miserable weather is when it just. won't. rain. We've had a front passing over for days that refuses to give, and it is awful. This must be what jungle weather is like. I've decided we should all make plans that include taking small children to the swimming pool, to ENSURE that it will rain this afternoon. If you don't have children, you could wash your car. Or water the grass, that always does it too. Just chip in where you can.

Happy Friday all.


Brian and Ella said...

this is craziness that you are not getting any rain!! i live maybe 7 minutes away from you and have gotten rain the past THREE days!! We're going crazy over here!

Kendra said...

Hahaha yes I know it's miserable at 106 down guys have a humidity issue we don't. But we are spoiled here. The hottest we usually get is mid 90's, and our summer usually consists of mid to high 80's. Love it. BUT we deal with an insane amount of rain for a very, very long winter.
Oh well. Portland is cool.
I am going to do my best not to razz you about the recycling here, because I can feel your guilt through your typing. =)
But I too am constantly amazed at how much more recycling we have than actual trash! Incredible.
I will admit that my husband is much more diligent about it than I am. If I find an expired yogurt in the fridge - I throw it out. David will clean that nasty, moldy container out and then recycle it.
But I say pin a rose on his nose. I am too pretty.

Kendra said...

Ok I hope it carried over that I was kidding there.

I really don't think I am too pretty to clean out moldy yogurt.

Or anything else for that matter.

Too lazy is much more appropriate.

wheelsonthebus said...

Babe, we're not here to judge one another. We all do the best we can and that's all anyone can ask.