Saturday, March 21, 2009

from the iphone

hi all. we're here, in the nicest hotel I've been in since we had children,in our 24 hr kid-free retreat. in the past 18 hours, I have
1. watched entire episodes of sell this house
2. eaten gratuitous pasta andbread, with no redeeming vegetables and healthful sauces
3. slept through the night until I woke up naturally
4. had entire uninterrupted conversations with brian.

and I have realized
1. I accidentally overcommitted my time in the past several weeks, putting too much pressure on myself and Asher. so he has acted out, and I have too.
2. I really like being around my kids, am miss them when they're gone.
3. I married well.

and with that, I'm off. there is tv to watch and sunshine to absorb.


Kendra said...

SO glad to hear you are having a good time!! Hope the 24 hours stretches out for you=)

ljkgates said...

You and Brian sure deserve your 24 hour break. You are both such wonderful parents and that in itself is draining. We enjoyed every minute with Silas. It was so much fun having time with him one on one.
You did marry well and Brian done very well himself.
Love you guys.

mikkee said...

you did marry well. brian's example has set my bar high.