Saturday, December 06, 2008

catching up

I've been working on a substantial post this week, but I can't quite get what I'm thinking onto the screen, and in the meantime I keep thinking of other things I want to tell you, but instead I sign onto blogger and work on the substantial post. I've been thinking about Advent, and would like to talk about it. Hopefully I will. Until then, here are your neighborhood friendly bullet points:

  • I'm taking down the "followers" section on the sidebar.  It's too depressing.  I have conversations all the time that begin with, "I read your blog, and ..."  But many who read do not comment, many who comment do not use blogger, and many who use blogger don't need the "followers" section because they use a RSS feeder.  I SO have more than 7 followers.  I've got a good 10, at least.  And the paltry little collection of faces just makes me sad. 
  • My house has been overrun with holiday sweets.  Can I offer you a piece of carrot cake?  A brownie?  A cookie or 4?  I need to wrap them up and drop them off soon, so that I can stop eating them.
  • A little clarification on the Santa post:  I am not anti-Santa.  Nor am I anti-gifts at Christmas.  Here is my logic behind our decision:  I think people only genuinely, wholly believe in something or someone once.  Once we learn that disappointment, like hope, is a part of life, faith becomes a decision.  It is no longer a natural response.  I have no delusion that I can protect my children from disappointment in life (though if wishing made it so), but I don't want to see them waste their faith on Santa.  Learning to submit and trust God is hard enough as it is.
  • Asher's birthday party is next Saturday (want to join us?  We'd love to have you).  I'm excited about it and not at all stressed.  As long as it doesn't rain.  I have theological issues with praying for weather or, in general, for things to go my way, but I have found myself saying, "Lord, if You see fit, please let Saturday be a pretty day.  Or I'm going to have 10 toddlers and umpteen adults INSIDE."  If you feel so inclined, please ask God to grace us with a little sunshine next Saturday.  
Happy Saturday, everyone.


Kendra said...

Comments, List Style:
-I follow!! I do, I do! But I have never quite figured out that whole follow thing, so I just list all the blogs I read on my sidebar.
-I delivered my treats last night. SO nice to have them out of my house!
-I agree with what you have said about believing in the "miracle" of santa. We have talked before about how hard it is when the innocence of faith is questioned or lost. It is a foundation shaking time in ones life (or at least it was for me), and you'd hate to see that energy wasted on something like santa, or for all the magic of miracles to be disillusioned from ones life by the time they are 11 -all because they learn santa isn't real.
That being said, I am not anti-santa either =-)
-I will pray for good weather. I do not have theological issues with praying for weather...I am praying we have sunshine the whole week we are in Hawaii!! HA!
Hope the party goes well, can't wait to see pics!!! =)

Mary said...

Obviously I am a "follower" of your blog but an RSS feed allows you to follow all the blogs you read at once which just seems efficient. Google Reader is my notification system of choice.

Also, its been a really long time since I've used blogger for anything but wordpress shows you how many "hits" your blog is getting not just those who comment. Does blogger do that for you? Your blog strikes me as one that probably has way more visitors than commenters. I'm surprised blogger doesn't show you those statistics.

Also, Lane and I had an interesting conversation re: Santa. I think he qualifies as one of your many reader/non-commenter.

Elizabeth said...

The sweets thing is so hard! They are EVERYWHERE! I've given up trying to avoid them until AFTER Christmas. No, make that after New Year's. Geez.

Jason said...

i LOVE carrot cake ...its my all time favorite desert! Growing up my mother always made one christmas eve and thats what we left for Santa instead of cookies...

Anonymous said...

I totally understood what you were saying about Santa and found it very moving