Sunday, December 07, 2008

I have a confession: I hate my bedroom.  It's the only room in the house (except the back bathroom, but who's counting) that hasn't been painted since we moved in.  It's full of all of the things that would fit very well in a master closet, if only old houses had master closets - wrapping paper and amps (doesn't everyone have an amp in their master closet?) and guitars and boxes of random cords that Brian assures me we really do need.  One wall is painted two colors that have been considered and rejected.  The rest of the room is a No Man's Land of dirty elementary school beige.  It also houses mismatched furniture, the dog with his cedar-filled giant hamster/dog bed, nd the pictures we keep meaning to hang.  Also, the desktop computer is balanced on tv trays in the corner.  Hard to imagine why I don't love it, isn't it?  

We have such good intentions.  We keep talking about colors and furniture and making plans in the budget, but then something comes up (something always comes up), like babies who need hypoallergenic gold-based formula, and we never get around to it.  And truthfully, we just haven't made it a priority.  In the meantime, we just keep the door closed and only go in there to sleep.  Meanwhile the kids' rooms and the rest of the house have been painted and decorated, and are generally more comfortable than our room.  So this Christmas, we have decided our room is our gift to each other.  We will not rest until our bedroom is no longer embarrassing.

Of course our budget is smaller than our vision.  Isn't that always how it goes?  So give me your best organizing and decorating on a budget tip.  I need whatever help I can get.


aubrey said...

Not sure if I have any organizing tips.. i'm more "if I haven't used it in...then I'm not going to" and I throw it away. this method frees up some space for sure. Since my room is now smaller... I've had to use the space under my bed and the blank wall space in my closets. I've found wire shelves for the closet on which I have baskets for stuff I can't find a place for and flat containers for under the so far. Lowes has miles of aisle space dedicated to organizing. Have fun with it! Its important to love your space.. even if its just where you sleep!

Stephanie said...

The problem is we use what we have, we just don't use it all the time. Like amps - you really don't want to buy one of those every time you need it, but it's the size of a small end table. But Aubrey your space always looks great, so when we get it cleaned out I might ask for your expertise.

Nick M. said...

Bed risers (Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Walmart, etc...) help to provide some needed under bed storage space (disguised of course with a bedskirt of some fashion). We also have had a lot of success with Hobby Lobby (they always have great sales on various things for decorating).

I know this is an iffy suggestions but guitars hung properly on the walls can be a decoration element also. Maybe Brian's 'end table' sized amp should be protectively covered and then used as a small bedside table until needed.

Just some thoughts.

Word Puzzle o' the Day: faciones-Brian's spanish word for 'factions'

Elizabeth said...

Ugh...I have the EXACT same problem with the office we plan to turn back into a bedroom. My fear is that our bedroom will become that when all the stuff in the office needs a new home. Seriously, it would be SO much easier if houses were equipped with an ugly, windowless room full of shelves that could only BE a storage room because then we'd store everything there and not worry about making things fit.

Beyond that, I have no good suggestions, unless you can add more shelving to your garage or shed some furniture.

The Bean said...

Baby Bean's birthday party was this past Saturday and we had 9 adults, 8 toddlers, 2 9month olds and a 3 week old in the house. Talk about craziness! But nothing got broken, stained or torn up. It was a good party. Pictures soon coming!

Valerie said...

Oh, please go to TJ Maxx Home Goods. They have the best stuff there for significantly cheaper than regular. We got a coffee table ottoman (the leather kind) that we priced elsewhere for $800 for $199.

Unfortunately there's not one in Montgomery, but there are two in Birmingham (I know, I know- I'm sorry). But you did ask for suggestions.

Also, we keep our amp in the office closet.

Kendra said...

I would offer my advice, but instead I am just going to read other people's comments to you. I am currently in the process of making our master bedroom look like adults sleep in there.
We did however pick up matching dressers and bed frame from IKEA really cheap. One step down...about 5 more to go.
I am using the excuse that we are currently renting.