Thursday, December 04, 2008


There is a season for everything, and this seems to be a season of doing for me. Last night I was folding clothes at 11 pm. With my tennis shoes on. As though I had some errand to run when I was finished.

I read a few blogs that focus on productivity and time management for moms. I've picked up some good tips from them, but I have to be careful how much I take in. First of all, if you follow them too closely, it becomes 7,398 ways to simplify your life. Second, if you are like me, then every suggestion begins to feel like a mandate, and I become overwhelmed with perceived expectations and conflicting ideals. How can I make my own wrapping paper and play with my children and create a weekly menu all from 7-9 a.m. Monday morning? See? Even writing that sentence is ridiculous.

So mostly I don't hold on to much of the advice, but I have enjoyed being more productive lately. Except, I'm trying to learn how to balance actual responsibilities (like feeding my children), my needs (exercise, time to pray, and adult conversation), and my children's needs (naps, time with their parents, and interaction with peers). Some things are going well, some things are not. Everyone always mentions how quickly babies change in the first year. The practical implication is that as soon as you think you know how your day is going to look, it changes. Asher and I seem to be renegotiating on several fronts, as he is simultaneously moving toward independence, clinging to my leg, and spending more time at home than he would like (so that Silas can sleep). And while most things in life are going really well, the changing dynamic with Asher is wearing me down.

This is part of why I don't have much to say here lately (or much of any interest, except updates on my kids). I've been busy, but not really doing anything worth mentioning. I'm enjoying having more energy than I did a year ago, I'm working on managing life well, and I'm trying not to completely lose my identity in the process. Any suggestions?


The Bean said...

Take a deep breath. Go out for coffee when Brian gets home and listen to some good old fashioned Christmas carols in the car while you're driving around. You'll feel refreshed. :)

Kendra said...

No suggestions really...except follow the rules and plans - until they simply don't work anymore.

Profound, I know. =-)

papilio588 said...

One suggestion that I hear (read?) years ago that the best way to stay productive at home was to keep your shoes on all day. With shoes on, you feel like you are supposed to be doing something, its a silent motivator. That worked for about a week for me, b/c I love nothing more than being barefoot! ha! So really, my only advice would be what they told me in my scuba diving class, "Just keep breathing deeply, and enjoy the view."

Stephanie said...

I'm really not as frantic as this post sounds. And you guys know I'm kidding about making my own wrapping paper, right? Never have I ever made my own wrapping paper. Nor do we have a weekly menu, even though I KNOW it would save us money. Just to clarify.