Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Shortly after Mel Blanc passed away, this picture was created in his honor.

The image stayed with me, for whatever reason, and this morning it has been on my mind. I so hoped this week would be full of pictures of Adrienne and Jim's baby girl, dressed in all of her new little gowns, curled against Adrienne's chest. Instead they are going home without her. I stand with my blogging friends, speechless.


jmac said...

I choose not to share with you the abundant anger I have regarding their current situation.

Kendra said...

I just posted about this very same thing...my heart is broken.

Mary said...

Wow, I hadn't really read their blog since Owen finally came home to live with them. I didn't know they were adopting again.

This is heartbreaking. I have been praying for her all day.

Madame Rubies said...

Corey dreams of owning that picture.

My friend's daughter was stillborn last week. There is nothing to say.