Tuesday, November 18, 2008

anything that lightens my mood

- A Yahoo headline this morning read, "Homeless man fined 101 million dollars for starting wildfires." Brian's response: "Can I write you a check?"

- Pictures lighten my mood. Who knew green beans could be so fun?

Look at that sweet boy.

I tried to take pictures for a Christmas card Sunday morning. It flopped spectacularly. One thing I've learned, in teaching and in parenting, is that the more I try to make something work (i.e., the more elaborate my plan), the more likely it is to fall apart. I only got one picture of Asher looking at the camera and smiling, and that was while he was running. And no pictures of Silas without his head wobbling over when he grinned. But doesn't this picture remind you of Harry Potter?

And even though it's not Christmas card material, I love this one. Always moving.

- Last thing: It is nobody's secret that Asher carries a deep affection for vacuum cleaners. Part of our bedtime routine is to say good night to everyone in the room, and give everyone in the room a kiss. Tonight, Brian wasn't home, Silas was already in bed, and Taylor was MIA, so there was no one left to wish good night. Asher went over to his toy vacuum cleaner, kissed it twice, and said, "Night night vacuum cleaner. Love you." It was the best thing I've seen all day.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Ahhh the Christmas-card-mom. Your sons will tease you one day for your desires for the perfect Christmas card, as I and my siblings have done to our own mother. Especially when everyone matches. But secretly, they will treasure the pictures.

Jeff, Carrie, Kara Beth, and Kaylan said...

The only good Christmas picture I ever got was KB's first Christmas before she was mobile and still thought it was fun to smile for the camera. Ever since then, NOTHING. Not even a suitable picture to frame for a grandma. And I had the matching clothes and everything and there was NOTHING. So, I'm hoping maybe we'll have a decent christmas picture somewhere around 2020.
=) good luck with yours!

Jason said...

Thats a cute picture of Asher walking with his head down ....

LMilky said...


Anonymous said...

i love the new profile picture!! ahhh i miss Fall!!!!