Sunday, November 09, 2008

some things

1. Last night about 10:30, Brian and I heard a phantom giggle. At 3 a.m., we woke up to the same noise. Mysterious laughter. Coming from the nursery. Brian went to check on him, and Silas was laughing in his sleep.

That is how sweet my baby boy is.

On a related note, Silas learned to roll over yesterday. He was so proud of himself (maybe the memory is what made him laugh in his sleep). But now he will roll onto his back in his sleep, then wake up because he doesn't yet know how to get back to his belly, and won't sleep on his back. Which is cute and all, until you're rolling the baby over at 2 a.m. and PRAYING he doesn't do it again.

2. Like many of you, my family has felt the effects of the recession for a while. We fall in the group who was going to feel the crunch first, without a huge amount of disposable income to absorb rising costs. But we are blessed by Brian's job security - when you work for the state, friends, you have to really put your shoulder in it to lose your job. But this week two of my friends haven't been so lucky. One saw 8% of her company cut in one day, and spent the day both mourning with her friends and wondering if she was next. She wasn't, thankfully. Not so far, anyway. Another lost his job after 11 years in management with the same company (it is the only job he's had since he finished college - which is really unusual for our generation - and he intended to retire there). He has a wife and two children dependent on his income, and was blindsided by it all. So while I'm thankful that we're in the clear, I'm sad for my friends who are staring into the abyss of uncertainty and change. If you think of it, please say a prayer for my two friends and their families this week.

3. For those who are curious, Brian's mom (who may have permanently been christened MawMaw by Asher) has ordered a new pair of Diego pajams. They should be here any day.

4. Asher has learned a new word, "appreciate." But he uses it in an antiquated way that is nothing if not endearing. Example: Brian hands Asher a cup of milk. In response, Asher says, "'Preciate you, Daddy."

5. I have been taking pictures lately of Silas doing new things. But Silas hasn't been in the mood to smile at the camera. Instead, he has been

practicing his flying baby routine (with bonus drooling)

discovering the dog

discovering his exersaucer (doesn't this face remind you of his brother discovering a new toy, not so long ago?)

It's like they're both saying, "No no I'm fine. It's fun, it really is. It's just ... damn." Here's another, to prove my point.

As you can see, clearly there's no time for posing and smiling at the camera.

Happy Sabbath to you all.


Carrie B. said...

2. we have a friend who, after over THIRTY years of working in management at a department store, was fired with no standard correctionary meeting, no explanation or severance package. THIRTY PLUS years of working there...he was ONE year away from retirement...and has nothing now. crazy.

4. preciate you daddy is about the cutest thing i've ever heard. is he a little southern gentleman or what?! =)

Elizabeth said...

Love those sweet, sweet giggles. And those boys are so, so cute!!!

Rissa Mendes said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm holding a prayer vigil for Adrienne,Jim, Owen & baby Girl.. Wondering if you would like to participate.. i'll be doing for 24 hours and am trying to get it all covered.. Let me know if you can participate & what time you want to..
Thanks & God Bless

Melissa :) said...

Too. Stinkin'. Cute.

Go see my blog - I don't think you've been there yet. Maybe you have. LOL I dunno.

Love #4.

The laying off is so incredibly sad & frightening to me. :(

Yea for jammies!

Jason said...

When you started out with "phantom giggles" my first thought was GHOST !! Its my nature ....