Monday, November 10, 2008

getting to know you

A new season of the "getting to know you" forward is going around, like the flu.  I read it this morning and thought, these questions don't help me know you.  How does your berry preference in any way relate to your life, character, or personality?  What if cherries just make you throw up (as they do the latest respondent to the forward, which I know because I know her already, no thanks to the forward) - what does that really tell me about you?

We need new questions.

Here are the first that come to mind:  What was your favorite birthday?  What is your favorite way to spend a day off?  What is the best song to turn up all the way and sing to?  What television show will cause you to ignore your roommate/spouse/children/phone until the next commercial?  When was the last time you cursed at the tv?  If you have kids, what are you most likely to let your kids get away with when you're tired?  Aside from major milestones, what is your best moment (to date)?  Are you an extrovert or introvert? How do you know? 

Ok, go.

If you decide to answer, leave a comment so we can all get to know you for real, or at least a little more than we did.  And we'll need some to grow on.  Add the questions you think are more interesting than the ones in the forward.  I'll answer and update this post later today.

I am the most social introvert you know.  I need to be around people the way I need sunshine and water (I sound like a  fern).  A few hours with a few friends, and I will go home happy - and exhausted.  My birthday is in July, so my favorite parties were at my grandparents' house at the lake.  I love the feeling of being tired from swimming all day and eating ice cream and watermelon in the shade.  Asher is most likely to get to watch Noggin until his eyes swirl when I don't feel well or am manning dinner/bath/bed alone, which is why I am subjected to the "Cartoons?" question every thirty minutes.   This is probably the way Asher's life as a brother differs the  most from his life as an only child.  Back in the day he saw almost no t.v., because I didn't need it for diversion.  Now I do.  No one was allowed to talk during Friday Night Lights when it was on, but it hasn't been on all year, so right now you can talk during any show you want.  I can't remember the last time I cursed at the t.v., but I once called Valerie at 12:30 a.m. cursing at a plot twist in a novel.  

Best moment, best moment ... first married Christmas, that was fun.  Summertime in North Carolina, hiking in the morning and pizza for dinner - that's good.  Rounding the corner with my niece when she was six and seeing the tackiest, loudest, reddest, brightest Christmas lights ever, and her gasp of "It's Be-autifuuul ..." Definite top five.  Asher's first six months.  The year Granny decided to tell me all of her stories before she forgot them all.  Floating downstream in the canoe, watching a blue heron guide us down the river.  The moment I realized Silas really was going to be okay.    Those are the first that come to mind.

And I can sing The Wailin' Jennys any time, any place, at the top of my lungs.

Your turn.


Nick M. said...

I posted mine on my blog. New questions and all. Thanks for the idea.

Shannon said...

What was your favorite birthday? It’s a toss up-2 years ago, my close friends and my husband took me to dinner at Olive Garden. This past August, I decided to host a jewelry party for my birthday and a bunch of my girlfriends came. I was thrilled and we had the best time. Plus, I got lotsa free jewelry. What’s better than free jewelry?!

What is your favorite way to spend a day off? Depending on the weather- Curled up on the couch watching a good movie or reading a good book. If it’s nice outside, going on a walk or to the park, admiring God’s beautiful. I love to just sit in the park and look around. It’s absolutely marvelous what God has done.

What is the best song to turn up all the way and sing to? Hmmm…ya got me on that on. There are so many songs I could do that with. I love music, I’m a music freak.

What television show will cause you to ignore your roommate/spouse/children/phone until the next commercial? Any CSI

When was the last time you cursed at the tv? This morning when I saw the season finale of Army Wives. I so do not like when they end shows like that! UGH!

If you have kids, what are you most likely to let your kids get away with when you're tired? Chores around the house. Sometimes it’s just a losing battle and I don’t want to fight it anymore. I don’t negotiate when it comes to homework, no matter how tired I am.

Aside from major milestones, what is your best moment (to date)? The day I gave my life to Christ. Is that a major milestone? Well…I suppose the day I finally sat down and said “Only God can fix it” and truly meant it.

Are you an extrovert or introvert? How do you know? Would you believe a lil of both? I’m slowing growing into being an extrovert. I used to hate being around people. I loved nothing more than being in my house with just my husband and kids. As I’ve gotten older and allowed more people into my lil world, I’ve become more outgoing. I still have my moments.

Kendra said...

Oh I want to play!!!...will get this posted soon =-). Great idea Stephanie!

Valerie said...

I did it too.

BTW: My word verification is lacende. It is a made-up spanish word that means "a woman who spends a lot of time at the post office"

Elizabeth said...

Fave birthday - I can't think past the last one, when we brought our baby home to our house. Can't really top that.

Day off--What is that, exactly? When my husband is off, I really just like it when we all leave the house and do something together.

Song to sing to--Free, by Greg Walton. If you hear it, you'll understand.

All-important TV show: I hate to admit it, but Desperate Housewives. That show is trash, but incredibly well written.

Olivia gets away with climbing on the elliptical machine when I'm tired. Except now she can get herself onto the foot pads and stand there, so it's getting more dangerous and I can't really ignore it now.

Best moment - not a specific moment, but a type of moment we have daily...when Olivia greets Daddy coming home. I love the look on both of their faces when that happens.

Extrovert, definitely. I have a need to express my opinion and can't keep my mouth shut when I think I can help.

New question - If you had the authority to grant funding to any organization (endowment-style funding...millions of dollars), what organization would it be and why? My answer: I would fund a crisis pregnancy center or centers so that they could expand their work. Or, I would start/fund a not-for-profit pregnancy counseling and adoption agency so that more couples would have access to an affordable adoption agency and the agency would be well-equipped to help pregnant women make the best decision for themselves and their babies.

Jason said...

I posted on my blog ...

Stephanie said...

Elizabeth that's such a good question. I need to think before I answer it.

For those who don't know, Valerie's blog is The Conservatory. You can follow the links on the sidebar to get to it.

Mary said...

Apparently Friday Night LIghts is doing some sort of special season with no commercials only on Direct TV. I have no idea why. It is suppose to replay on regular TV starting in the spring but in slightly different format, obviously involving commercials. Kind of sketchy.... but let's hope they follow through in the spring.

Madame Rubies said...

I'm in. :)

The Review Lady said...

I'm in too. Thanks - liked your questions and enjoyed reading your answers!