Monday, November 17, 2008

monday entertainment

C - is for Changed a poopy diaper this morning that goes down in the Poopy Diaper Hall of Fame. Silas was completely dressed - socks and hoodie and all - and he had poop on every single piece of clothing. Socks and hoodie and all. Good grief, is all I have to say to that. It takes a strong stomach to do my job somedays.

B - is for the Backyardigans, which is the only kids show that can suck me in. Honestly, even if you don't have little kids, you should watch it sometime. It's really creative and cute but still innocent and interesting to two-year-olds. Every time I watch it I am impressed.

T - is for Teamwork, which seems to work with Asher better than "share." "Share" makes him say, "MY," but "teamwork" makes him cooperate. I really cannot imagine why (blame and thank the Wonderpets, maybe?) but it's true.

H - is for Heat, of which we have none. Low tomorrow is 25*. But - thank the Lord and pass the turnips - we kept up our home warranty. Which means H is also for Hooray! Something comes up with our heat/AC about every 4-5 months, which is a large part of why we decided to keep up the home warranty. This kind of stuff doesn't stress me out the way it could, though. Viva la Home Warranty! Funny, now that I've said "warranty" so many times it is beginning to look foreign, the way a word said too many times loses all meaning. Warrantywarrantywarranty.

G - is for Go. If we want to Go anywhere else this morning, I should cut this out already and Go to the shower. Happy Monday, all.


Carrie B said...

kb is the SAME way about sharing and teamwork. If we talk about being a team and working together, she is 100 more times likely to do it. And she felt this way BEFORE wonder pets...though I thank/blame wonderpets for making it even more cool to do...cuz a momma's cool factor only lasts for so long.

Stephanie said...

We took started our day cleaning up poop :) Sawyer had an upset tummy...all over his bed :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disturbed that Monday Entertainment started with poop. I'm just gonna go ahead and assume you didn't find that entertaining! :)