Sunday, November 16, 2008

on (not) being fit

Well, Missy & Co. are doing the blogger's diet, and I'm privately plugging away on my own.  Thanks mostly to the fact that I never (ever, ever) finish a meal, I'm back into my old clothes.  Not the skinny jeans, but the regular ones, and for the moment that's good enough.  All of my old shirts are too short, though, and I can't decide if that's because styles have changed since I bought clothes (entirely possible) or if my body now requires more material to cover it than it used to.  I don't know how much I weigh, but truthfully there is no WAY I would tell you - all of you, the whole wide internet - if I did.  

So I'm no longer troubled by the number (especially since I don't know it) but I am still troubled.  I look exactly the same as I did three weeks after Silas was born, only smaller.  Everything is still ... jiggly.  It's NOT cute, and I am really grateful it's wintertime so it's a little easier to hide it.  Which means I'm going to have to - you guessed it - exercise.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy exercising.  Once I get into it.  Getting started is miserable.  Everything is going to be stiff and tight and way harder than it should be, because I haven't gotten my heartrate up in an embarrassingly long time (since Asher was six months old, actually).  I have a few DVD's that will work, and I always say I'm going to start running, but somehow I never do.  Something always comes up, which is to say I always make sure something comes up.  I really don't want to run, I just want a runner's body.  If only it worked that way.

So this is me, sucking it up, since I can't suck it in forever.  Wish me luck. 


Anonymous said...

oh man, good luck. i totally understand how hard it is to start the workout routine. i usually hate the first month. after that, i'm fine and happy. but that first month is always killer for me. but i have total faith in you. you don't have to run, maybe you could be one of those "brisk walkers" :)

LMilky said...

i feel you on this one. "I need to (fill in the blank)" is a phrase that consumes my thoughts.

i don't hate exercising but I don't make time for it. and that is what I hate. I make excuses but then a month has gone by and i look at myself and say .. well there went another month.

Good luck finding time

Kendra said...

I am right there with you.I am desperately trying to firm up all the wobbily bits as much as possible before we leave on vacation (n 25 days...)
Probably shouldn't have eaten the 3 pieces of pizza for dinner tonight..
Oh well too late now. HA!

Whoa- my word verification is "later". Crazy.