Friday, February 02, 2007

brought to you by the letter b

B - is for BIRTHDAY! Happy 2nd birthday Georgia! Georgia also shares a birthday with Elmo (or so the Today Show told me this morning), so happy birthday Elmo, too.

two years ago:

last summer:

B - is for BRILLIANT! and BRIAN! Coincidence? I think not. Why is Brian Brilliant? Because he has a new job! (This sounds more and more like a children's book. Sorry. I'll try to settle down.) Beginning February 16, Brian will be the newest Child Labor Inspector for the state of Alabama. Yay for us!

B - is for BRAVERY! That silliest of noted holidays, GroundHog Day, proved successful this morning as the little hog did not see his shadow. But, seriously, shouldn't we thank global warming, not the hog, for our early spring?

B - is for BABY! Which is actually more serious than this post would let on. My two friends who have large families both have babies in the hospital. Our pastor's wife, Julie, gave birth to a little boy earlier this week. I'm not clear on the details, but baby Paul is in NICU right now. Also, Halle's newborn, Levi, has RSV and is in the hospital, too. If you're the praying type, please say a prayer for both babies and their moms this morning.

B - is for BUYING! Asher got his first toy from his parents yesterday. He has plenty of toys, to be sure, but they are all gifts from grandparents and friends. Yesterday, I found THE SWING that I've been hunting for weeks. Yay for Asher, who won't look nearly so uncomfortable, and yay for his mom, who won't have a guilty conscience about allowing her child to sleep doubled-over indefinitely.


(ps - In real life his eyes do not look this ev-il. It's just the angle and the corrected red-eye that makes his eyes look scary.)

Last but not least ...

B - is for BLANKET! This is my newest strategy with the sleep issue that's plaguing our house ('cause if the baby ain't sleeping, ain't nobody sleeping). He hasn't found his thumb (yet), and I hate hate hate the pacifier. But I totally get that babies need something comforting to help them fall - and, most importantly, stay - asleep. So now we have Geoff. Geoff (short for Geoff the Giraffe) was given to us on Monday by Amanda. It's a supercute miniblanket (in Texas they're known as lovey blankets, in Alabama as golly blankets) that looks like a giraffe. I've been incorporating it into sleepy time for a few days now. So far Asher hasn't noticed (nor would I expect him to), but I hope that, pretty soon, he'll know that Geoff = comfysleepy time. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Groundhogging, everyone.

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Emily said...

Adorable pictures and CONGRATULATIONS on the swing and new job!!!!