Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Look at that happy baby.

PS - A sample of the conversation over dinner:
ME: I have a busy day tomorrow.
HIM: What are you doing?
ME: I'm meeting Carrie for coffee at 9, and Mikkee will be here at noon.
HIM: Are you crazy?
ME: (stopping to consider a. if I am, and b. why this statement would evoke such a response) No ... why do you ask?
HIM: Are you really going to get Squirt out the door by 9?
ME: Yes I am. By 8:30, actually.
HIM: And not lose your mind?
ME: Well, no, I didn't promise THAT.

I will be able to leave the house by 8:30. I WILL. Though I'm not sure my mind will join me.


mary said...

this is my favorite asher picture so far. good choice

Heather said...

Getting out that early won't be the issue. It is staying awake once you get out. LOL.

I wish you were meeting ME for coffee.

Brian said...

sweeter by the day!

Emily said...

I love reading about Asher! I hope I get to meet him sometime. After all, you've met my little Bean.

Linda said...