Tuesday, January 16, 2007

four weeks later

I WOKE UP yelling at Brian (good morning to you, too). That pretty well set the tone for the rest of my day. Does anyone else feel like it's been four months, maybe, or four years? Probably not, but I do.

Asher is currently asleep in the swing, slumped completely over and creating, no doubt, a swing-tray-indention on his forehead. I keep thinking, he looks uncomfortable, I should move him. And then I think, crazy woman! He's ASLEEP, don't you dare move him. He can breathe, he's not crying - that's all that matters.

Don't hear me complaining, because I'm not. It's just been that kind of day. With any luck, tomorrow will be better.


Heather said...

They all sleep that way. Babies can sleep in the strangest positions. Promise, if you starts having bad days a lil too often you will not ignore it like I did. Okay?

Love you.

buf said...

ha, crazy woman! don't you dare move him!!!!! (j)

Stephanie said...

don't worry, heather - i am pretty sure my friend stephanie is screening me for ppd a few times a week. =) so far so good.

Brian said...

i have not seen any ppd yet just ppp (post partum profanity) and a lot of it! both of us have contracted it!

Stephanie said...

All parents get ppp...and I am not sure that ever goes away :) I am proud of both of you! I know it is the best and the absolute worst of times, and I know he is a GREAT baby and that you love him. Remember even though it does not seem like it this too will pass and you have 4 weeks down that you never have to do again...at least not with Asher :)

Heather said...

Ha ha ha! PPP

I love you guys!