Sunday, November 12, 2006


We've started preparing Taylor for Asher's arrival. We put his bassinet (which is actually a basket, and sits on the floor) in our room last night, with a teddy bear swaddled up in it. Every time Taylor sniffs the basket, we threaten him with his life. We all know that Taylor would never intentionally harm anything (not even a squirrel, really, although he likes for them to think he could), but Brian is afraid that, in his excitement over being a big brother, he may try to either climb into the basket or investigate it too heartily. This way, he can learn that touching basket = bad dog before anyone's life is at stake.

A few people have asked me how I think Taylor will adjust to Asher. I think Taylor will probably be shocked to learn that he is a dog (at this point he has no idea), but after the initial adjustment, he'll be a good big brother. He's been around kids a good deal, and he's very gentle with them. Our only issue may be his tail, which will be exactly concussion-level to Asher for a little while. Otherwise, everyone should be okay.


Liz said...

I think Taylor will be a great big brother, even after he learns "he is only a dog." But really, Taylor isnt "only a dog" - he's Taylor!!

buf said...

aw, Taylor's a lucky boy :) blood brothers for-evah! - jab

Heather said...

Taylor will be just fine. :) But how will you and Brian handle Asher's arrival? LOL! Parenthood is sheer craziness. Anytime you need a break, you come here and hand me Asher. Then, you sleep as long as you like. ;)

We might be getting a dog!