Tuesday, November 14, 2006

a few observations from my day

1. I'm more melodramatic than I would like to admit.
2. I've been sucked in to my job more than I would like to admit.
3. I've watched six episodes from Season 1 of West Wing today. Thanks to Nick for letting us borrow Season 1.
4. Charlie and Zoee both get cuter over time.
5. All of the characters - and particularly Josh and Sam - become more subtle over time. And I'm glad for this, because the original characters were super obnoxious.
6. It is possible for me to have a baby in less than two weeks that would not even be considered premature. BUT NOT TODAY. As long as there's some date in the future, and not THIS DAY, that we're talking about, Brian and I both remain relatively calm.
7. Being this pregnant is not unlike being 80 years old, in that your body feels completely beyond your control, things ache inexplicably, and you can't eat anything with salt, sugar, or spice. Which means that you can't eat anything fun at all. I had broccoli for lunch and cereal for dinner. Welcome to my world.
8. Taylor growls at cars until Brian comes home. When Brian's home, he doesn't growl at cars. Not sure what this is about - but it is an observation from my day.
9. Chance of tornadoes tomorrow. What do you want to bet the coffee shop will be packed? Something about bad weather makes people want to drink coffee. Bad weather, the first day of school, and football. Again, not sure what that's about, but it's an observation nonetheless.
10. My dog really needs a bath.

And now I'm off to watch my 7th episode of West Wing for the day.

Good night.


Heather said...

The whole pregnancy is like being 80? That follows you. Motherhood is also like being 80. Cept you can usually eat better.

Nick M. said...

I'm SO glad you are enjoying WW 1 (or maybe you aren't enjoying it it is just all you have to do) either way I completely agree about the characters. Josh in particular is almost more than I can handle at the beginning, but they do all evolve. Seasons 1-4 are definitely the best, but I am learning to appreciate the last 3 a little more.

Valerie said...

Are you eating enough calories with this? Protein? I mean, I know you are an adult and all, but we worry... And unless you had steak for breakfast, my friend, your day does not look very balanced...

I'm just saying is all.

Stephanie said...

Well, I eat 2 breakfasts every morning, but that almost never includes a protein source. Almost always breads ... usually there's some protein in my lunch. Not to worry, though, because I'm still taking prenatal vitamins. If you have any additional concerns, you'll need to take those up with Asher. He's the one who wants so much SPACE these days - otherwise, I'd be happy to eat balanced meals. Twelve of them, even.

You know what I like about blogger? I like that they ask me to choose an identity. I choose ... Cher's. Just for now. Next time I'll choose someone else's.

buf said...

Taylor is protecting you until Brian gets there...then he can relax because Brian will protect ALL of you :) - jab