Saturday, March 18, 2006

a toast

In my head, I picture the blogworld as a little room in which we're all sitting and talking. Sometimes we're talking over each other, sometimes one person has the floor. Sometimes we're sitting in the youth room at EUMC (drinking kool-aid and eating sugar cookies, per Laurie's request), sometimes we're sitting in the living room in Nashville where my small group met, sometimes we're in McAlisters, sometimes we're in everyone's favorite coffee shop. It depends on who is talking or what's being said as to where I picture us ... ANYWAY. I'd like to make a toast ... your attention, please ... in the Searcy house, the two-year-old will toast her father each meal by raising her sippee cup and saying clearly OYAY! So, please raise your glass with me and speak clearly. OYAY!

* TO DWAN and BOB (my two dads) - because today is their birthdays. OYAY!

* TO LAURIE - who got a promotion and will soon be working a normal person's schedule and will get to be awake in the morning and asleep at night. OYAY!

* To STEPHANIE (known here as Georgia's mom) - who will soon be ordained in the Methodist Church, after working toward this for ten years, and who is making major life changes with as much grace as anyone I've ever seen, and who is also the most loyal friend ever. OYAY!

* To BRIAN - just because I like him. OYAY!

* To ALLISON and DAVID - whose apartment has been deemed, indeed, cute. OYAY!

* To LAURA and NICK - because they are newlyweds and moving into a new apartment and that is a really fun place to be. OYAY!

* To MARY - who wrote the funniest dog post EVER today. OYAY!

You may now resume your conversations ...


buf said...

Oyay! :)
cool for York, too - how proud everyone must be!!! sweeet!!!


Heather said...

It is like we're all sitting around talking. *grins*

Scooter said...

How nice!! We get a "good job" on the apartment pick from my sister :)!!